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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Happy summer stitching!

This week I have the pleasure of giving away 2 copies of Stitched for Fun – 35 Easy and Adorable Embroidery Projects by Fiona Goble to our lucky readers!

As I hold this book from Martingale Publishing in my hands and flip through the pages, I can’t help but smile at the adorable motifs used in the projects, as well as the fresh, bright colors used in the stitched models.

The motifs are so cheerful and fun, and are used on a wide variety of objects. You can stitch them on items you make, or ready-made items.

Nearly anything can be enhanced with this collection of simple, fun motifs, as you can see from the photos posted here. Using surface embroidery stitches, you can turn an everyday, ordinary item into a work of art!

You can embellish clothing, household items, aprons and other things by tracing one of the pretty patterns and working the designs in simple, basic embroidery stitches using DMC Embroidery Floss as shown in the samples, or use other types of embroidery thread to add some sparkle or shine to your projects.

All of the stitches used in the book are clearly illustrated, and the instructions are well-written and easy to follow, making this book perfect for beginning stitchers. Experienced stitchers will appreciate the variety of projects presented.

To win a copy of the book (US and Canadian readers only, please), leave a comment about anything embroidery-related, and sign your initials with your state or province (example: EB, Podunk, USA).

And be sure to check out Martingale’s Blog for news about their books and free projects, and stitching tips for a wide variety of fabrics and fiber crafts. They’ll also be hosting a giveaway featuring a selection of DMC threads and needlework accessories!

I’ll be choosing two lucky winners next week.



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  • Bonnie Hickman
    June 13th, 2013 5:39 pm

    Oh My gosh I forgot to tell you I am from Perrysburg ,Ohio Sorry thank you again for the chance to win this book… Bonnie

  • Patricia Hayrynen
    June 13th, 2013 5:56 pm

    I would love to win a copy of the book. I embroider when I find a pattern I like. Embroidery was the first handwork I learned as a child.

  • Anda
    June 13th, 2013 6:08 pm

    I learned to embroider when I was nine and a member of Pioneer Girls (similar to girl scouts). I now love to incorporate embroidery in my quilts! awolk at rogers dot com

  • Anda
    June 13th, 2013 6:09 pm

    Oops, sorry info for above is AW Ontario, Canada

  • Bebe
    June 13th, 2013 7:45 pm

    I’ve been using DMC threads for a long time. They are the only threads I use for embroidery and for my craft making. I love the range of colors and the sheen they have. I’ve been embroidering since I was seven years old, and now I’m granny age, so you get the picture!
    I never get tired of seeing new designs in embroidery, so the book
    looks like lots of fun!

  • Bebe
    June 13th, 2013 7:47 pm

    oops too! BS, Tennessee, USA

  • Jean Ashley
    June 13th, 2013 8:14 pm

    I learned to embroider when I was about 7 years old. My mom taught me, and the first thing I did were some pillowcases. I still remember the pair of facing bluebirds and the violet and vine border. I hope my mom still has them–now I’ll have to go ask her! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a nice prize.

  • Molly Riemann
    June 13th, 2013 8:41 pm

    I have been doing embroidery for the last twenty years. I admire the fresh designs in the book Stitched For Fun and would love to win a copy!


  • Karrie Smith
    June 13th, 2013 8:50 pm

    I’m dying to learn how to embroider!!! Thanks for the chance! KS, MI, USA

  • Janey
    June 13th, 2013 9:01 pm

    My great grandmother introduced me to embroidery and mentored me to do my best from the time I was 5 years old (over half a century ago). Her sense of color and design helped me be brave even though I am the paint-by-number sort). I love the many ways embroidery can enhance a project. Thanks for the giveaway. JC, Idaho, United States

  • AK
    June 13th, 2013 9:33 pm

    What a fun book! So many fun projects to do! I’ve been embroidering since I was a kid. I find it very relaxing. Thanks for the chance to win this book. :)

  • Angela
    June 13th, 2013 9:34 pm

    What a fun book! So many fun projects to do! I’ve been embroidering since I was a kid. I find it very relaxing. Thanks for the chance to win this book. :) AK Texas, USA

  • Shelley Scarbro
    June 13th, 2013 9:56 pm

    I love to embroidery, would love to win this book. Thanks for the chance to win!
    SS West Virginia, USA

  • Cindy
    June 13th, 2013 10:30 pm

    I love, love, love any type of needlework. Have been doing embroidery work for a long time now and am always interested in new patterns and projects. It’s nice to see a renewed interest in all things related to sewing, quilting, or as we used to say, the home arts. Afterall it is art we are putting on our towels, pillow cases, clothing, etc.

  • Dianna Whitehead
    June 13th, 2013 10:40 pm

    Hi! Your book is filled with alot of cute designs, I would love to win it. I love to embroider because it is so relaxing and it gives me some of that instant gratification. LOL Plus it’s totally portable so you can take it with you anywhere you go. I would be tickled pink to win. Thank you for the chance. Dianna Whitehead, Rich Hill, MO USA.

  • Marlene from Torrance
    June 13th, 2013 11:40 pm

    I love to do cross-stitch. That is mostly what I do…some pieces include other stitches which is fun to do also. I am just starting to get back in surface embroidery as I am encouraged by my daughter.

  • Lana Bell
    June 14th, 2013 5:24 am

    I love to embroider. My Mother taught me when I was very young. I hope to pass this on to my granddaughter this summer. This giveaway would be perfect for that. Embroidery here I come!

  • Barbara Spurr
    June 14th, 2013 6:44 am

    I am a quilt addict and love to add embroidery details to my quilts. Would love to have this book for some inspirational ideas. Thanks for the chance to win.

    BS Manitoba Canada

  • lawana whaley
    June 14th, 2013 7:58 am

    I used to do hand embroidery all the time and this is prompting me to pick up that needle and floss again… LW, Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA

  • Robin in New Jersey
    June 14th, 2013 8:51 am

    This looks like a great book. I am embroidering a teabag to make into a mug mat for a friend. RB NJ, USA

  • Gloria Meyer
    June 14th, 2013 9:19 am

    Love to embroider!! It is very portable and being able to tweek any pattern to make if personal.

  • TK Corfu ny
    June 14th, 2013 10:03 am

    Embroidery is my favorite carry along project.

  • AndrĂ©e Faubert
    June 14th, 2013 10:22 am

    I love embroidering, anything flowery! Thanks for the giveaway. AGF ON Canada

  • Joan
    June 14th, 2013 11:32 am

    Embroidery is one of my most favourite pass times. I have just finished making a stitchery bag for my project on the go. So many lovely projects in the book. Thank you for the opportunity.
    JM On, Canada

  • Renee
    June 14th, 2013 11:45 am

    I haven’t embroidered in over thirty years and have had the bug to start again! I’ve bought materials and have been digitally hoarding free patterns and bought many as well but I’ve yet to make a stitch cause I’m more than likely needing to win Fiona’s Book for just the MOTIVATION to get my fabric in a hoop and make my first stitch :)
    RG ~ Florida ~ US

  • Kathy
    June 14th, 2013 12:07 pm

    Oh Emma, the book has so many fun projects. I love having a little stitchery tucked in a bag ready for some stolen minutes of peaceful quiet sewing time! It would be fun choosing one from your book!

  • Nancy Angerer
    June 14th, 2013 12:15 pm

    I have always enjoyed embroidering. Years ago I made twin sized quilts for each of my 3 daughters using coloring books for the designs. I use to emboider denim shirts. My latest project are squares to be used in a redwork quilt. NA, Tuscaloosa, AL

  • Joan H.
    June 14th, 2013 2:53 pm

    I learned to embroider when I was a young girl but haven’t done much recently. It would be fun to start doing some once again.
    Joan H. from Madison WI.

  • Michelle Thomas
    June 14th, 2013 3:58 pm

    So many new nieces and nephews that this book looks like a perfect treasure trove of gifts to create for them through the years! Thank you for being willing to part with this fabulous book — I hope I’m a lucky reader!

  • Laura
    June 14th, 2013 5:40 pm

    I love to embroider at night while my hubby and I watch the Red Sox and the Bruins on TV. It’s so easy to bring with you everywhere. My favorite quilts always have piecing, applique and embroidery too.

  • MJM, Indiana, USA
    June 14th, 2013 7:44 pm

    I love making embroidered pillowcases for wedding presents. Something unique and personal, that will be used and enjoyed.

  • CT
    June 14th, 2013 8:36 pm

    These projects are so inspirational; now the gears are turning and I’m imagining all the places I can spiff up with some embroidery that I hadn’t thought of before. I’d really like to add some to my handmade cards to start off with.
    CT – PA – USA

  • Janet Sabol
    June 14th, 2013 8:38 pm

    I love the darling embroidery designs in Stitched for Fun! I’ve done all kinds of embroidery and would love doing some simple designs for gifts for our daughters. JS Minot, ND USA

  • Colleen
    June 15th, 2013 4:14 am

    I have been embroidering for years and have always loved it! I love all the on line information and patterns available now. Thank you!
    CB MI, USA

  • Amy DeCesare
    June 15th, 2013 6:26 am

    I’m so glad I learned to embroider when I was a little girl – it’s brought me lots of pleasure through the years! It’s great that embroidery is gaining new popularity! ALD, Delmont, PA

  • Joanne Moore
    June 15th, 2013 7:08 am

    I learned to embroider from my mom as a little girl. One Christmas our neighbor gave me a heavy cardboard book where each page had punched holes in which you could practice a particular stitch. my mother continues to embroider days of the week dish towels which she gives as wedding shower gifts. they are coveted by all and as the years have passed, my cousins hint for a new set! I have taken it up a notch by including embroidery on my quilt squares. I think embroidery is the most relaxing hobby…coloring with thread..until the thread tangles!! Your giveaway book looks darling!
    JM California, USA

  • connie kapralos
    June 15th, 2013 8:20 am

    I love to embroider that after quilting is my second favorite thing to do
    would love to have this book for my embroidering

  • Pearl
    June 15th, 2013 9:35 am

    Learning to embroider created many wonderful memories of time spent with my mother. When I embroider now, it always takes me back to that time. Ideas to expand my embroidery projects would be wonderful.
    PMD, Washington, USA

  • Shawn J
    June 15th, 2013 9:56 am

    I love to embroider and love seeing all the patterns. Thanks for a chance at the giveaway.
    (smjohns63 at yahoo dot com)

  • Bonnie
    June 16th, 2013 6:11 am

    Just got back into stitching after I found some half-finished kits I started about 20 years ago. I am now going to try to make a wedding gift by copying a design from a wedding invitation and drawing it freehand onto AIDA for a counted cross stitch keepsake wall hanging. With just 2 weeks until the wedding, wish me luck!
    BB, Michigan, USA

  • DianeH
    June 16th, 2013 11:18 am

    Embroidered pillowcases were my first needlework craft. I have a cherished embroidered piece of muslin that was done by my father when he was a child. He is 87 now. DH, Ontario, Canada

  • Pat D
    June 17th, 2013 4:52 am

    I love to quilt and got into embroidery by embroidering blocks to go into my quilts.

    PD, Pine Island MN

  • Marcia W.
    June 17th, 2013 9:14 am

    MW, Trenton, Florida, U.S.A.

    I love to embroider and learned as a little kid with both my mother and late grandmother teaching me. I’ve made mixed embroidery-patchwork quilts, such as the Little Miss Shabby (LMS) Birdie stitches quilt along. I recently took a mini quilt and added Aurifil wool embroidery stitching from AMH’s Plaid Pods stitchery pattern. It turned out very well, and my baby grandnieces love to trace the stitchery design. Please enter me into the giveaway so that I can win a book with written instructions to give me a more formal embroidery education.

  • Rose
    June 17th, 2013 9:39 am

    I love cross stitching!!

    RT, Las Cruces, NM, USA

  • Shelley
    June 17th, 2013 1:44 pm

    I would love to win this book.

  • Rosalind Gutierrez
    June 18th, 2013 6:18 am

    Planning to take some Kitties (done in red for a quilt)to embroider during any down time on our summer road trip. RG Aizona USA

  • Shawn J
    June 18th, 2013 7:53 am

    Sorry, I forgot to put SJ from MI

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