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DIY Wrapped Love Hearts

Thursday, February 5, 2015

IMG_8059 letteredThere is a new trend in heart making for Valentine’s Day. With just DMC embroidery floss, wire and glue, you can make trendy industrial wrapped love hearts. Turn them into a piece of wall art to jazz up your space. String them as a banner or decorate your Valentine’s Day table with some.  

These hearts are so fast and easy to make, you won’t stop making them. Perfect for all skill levels.IMG_8078

Your hearts will have a sweet yet industrial feel. They don’t have to be perfectly round or completely covered that’s the beauty of these hearts.


-Several skeins of DMC embroidery floss, light effects, pearl cotton and Natura yarn

-Artistic wire, aluminum 10-14 gauge (or you can use a wire hanger)

-Hot glue

-Tools: hot glue gun, pliers, scissors

heart step 1 and 2


  1. Bend wire into a heart shape, wrapping the ends together. This is the point of the heart shape (See photos).
  2. Unravel several skeins of DMC floss. Wrap one end of the gathered floss and tie a knot around the heart’s point, secure with some hot glue.
  3. Begin wrapping the gathered floss around various areas of the wire heart until you are satisfied with the coverage.

For gold tone heart I used: Natura N.43, Light Effects N.E436, Pearl Cotton N.956

For seer sucker pink heart I used: Floss N.963, N.3866, N.5282, N.304

For mixed color heart I used: Floss N.962, N.3787, Light Effects N.E168, Pearl Cotton N.956


Tips/Additional Idea:

-Use a wire hanger or jewelry wire.

-Thread your string with beads.

-Glue on rhinestones, sequins.

-Create various stitch designs.

I’ll share a few more versions soon. One named Brit Love inspired by the colors and essence of England with a touch of love.

Have a great day!


I Heart Silhouettes

Friday, January 30, 2015

January is coming to a close, that can only mean one thing, Valentines Day!  I love the romantic hues and patterns that Valentine’s Day brings.  Over the next 2 weeks we will be embracing the essence of love and romance with creative projects and tutorials that are sure to ignite some romantic fireworks.feeling stitchy photo

Today I’d like share some gorgeous heart silhouette projects that I found to get you in the mood. I just love this fabulous Valentines Day Coffee Cup Cozy by Feeling Stitchy. Who wouldn’t want to add more spice to their coffee or tea cup after seeing this fun project. Love it!feeling stitchy photo 2

What about this Valentine Treat Bag also by Feeling Stitchy? A similar pattern with multiple possibilities.  Make both, place the cozy into the bag with some candy for a great on a limb photo

Over at Cat on a Limb, Catherine created this gorgeous piece, Tree Love.  Over on her blog you can follow Catherine with her step by step instructions to make your own Tree Love Embroidery Piece. One word: Fabulous!canvas heart art

Canvas Heart Art over at Eighteen 25 is just so fun.  I love how this project combines stretched art canvas and DMC threads.  I could see a whole wall of these for Valentine’s Day or smaller ones as gifts. Visit Eighteen 25 to make your own.

Next week we will have some great Valentine’s Day tutorials on the blog, so excited!



Birds of Love

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hi Everyone, its time for a new year and a new set of adventures. As we move forward into 2015, its time to restart and begin creating new memories, attend new events, welcome new holidays, new seasons and fresh new creative ideas. Not to mention the start of the Valentine Season.

That’s right Valentines Day is almost 6 weeks away. Do you know what that means? Lots of sweet, romantic reds, pinks, chocolates and creams. Tokens of love and romance begin to fill the air. Valentines Day also brings us closer to Spring and warmer days.  

2a5fc92580aefaf1e31ef290a9ae7adcWith all the holiday decor put away, I can now focus on putting together some Valentine creativity.  For today’s post I gathered inspiration from adoring birds, bugs and sweet flowers.

I adore this cute embroidered bird over at Stitching Dreams This is just too sweet, I love the mix of blues and reds which came together to create this fun embroidered Valentine. Perfect for that special Valentine in your life.

ladybug embroidery from floss box


When I saw this adorable ladybug embroidered piece, I instantly fell in love. Over at The Floss Box– Emily creates fabulous embroidered and stitched pieces. She offers galleries, patterns and great ideas. Visit the DMC Spain Blog to read Emily’s interview and get inspired.


As soon as I saw this gorgeous embroidered bird mirror necklace over at La Bastidane – I was smitten. The various reds and color mixes, the details, love it.  A perfect accessory for your Valentine dinner or friends tea time luncheon.

two birds




A pair of adorable love birds can be seen over at Two Little Aussie Birds – With just two simple stitches, back stitch and a single lazy daisy petal stitch, some DMC floss and free pattern, you can make this adorable embroidered piece. 

embroidered hearts

Embroidered hearts of love can be found over at Dutch Sisters – These red and white gingham hearts with embroidered centers are so sweet and cheery, perfect for adding some sweet love on Valentines day.

Look forward to more projects, Valentine inspiration, interviews and events to come.

Have a great day!








Dazzling Chandelier Project

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Years Eve is here tomorrow and in a few days, students are back at school.  Gearing up to show off their holiday gifts and perhaps jazz up their school lockers.

Today I’d like to share a great project perfect for adding some dazzle to your New Years Eve tablescape and decor. These dazzling chandeliers can also adorn a locker or college dorm, perfect for the student who wants to add some sparkle to their school year. Pink and Silver Chandelier 72dpi 4in wide

These Dazzling Chandeliers are simple to make using-DMC Embroidery Floss, beads, craft foam and general craft supplies.  For extra bling, add some rhinestones, jewelry findings or sequins.  The final piece produces a chandelier that is light enough to hang from a magnetic hook.Pink and Silver Chandelier 72dpi 4in wide 2

Personalize the chandelier by selecting your favorite colors of thread and beads.  Enlarge the chandelier template and create a larger one to hang in your favorite room.

Download the full PDF directions by clicking below.

DMC Dazzling Chandelier Directions

Think boho chic, shabby and sweet, bold and colorful, gilded golds and silver brights! I’d love to see what you create!



Free Fruit Pattern for Hand Embroidery

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

DMC_FruitSaladVerticalAs summer comes to a close and fruit salad is one the menu, I thought I’d feature one today as a free pattern!!!!

Stitch up a bushel of fresh fruits including apples, pears, grapes and citrus. The simple designs featured on the Free PDF Pattern can be transferred to your embroidery fabric using a water-soluble Marking Pen and embroidered in your favorite DMC Embroidery Threads.


In the examples I’ve shown here, the designs were used to create a vertical and horizontal band of fruit that can be used to embroider tea towels, table cloths, sweet cotton curtains, placemats and more!

DMC_FruitSaladApronYou can also use the design to embroider a band on an apron using DMC Embroidery Floss, or stitch a single fruit on a pillow or pocket.

Embroider the designs in stem, outline stitch or back stitch for the fruit shapes, running stitch for the leaf veins, and detached chain stitch for the seeds. Learn to work these simple stitches here.



Snazzy, Jazzy Embroidery

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

hand-embroidered-jacket-backLet’s treat ourselves to a few hand embroidered wardrobe upgrades! Here are some fabulous ideas from creative stitchers that you can use when making a wearable using a sewing pattern, for embellishing a ready-made item or for refreshing an existing item in your wardrobe.

Seamstress Erin, a Ph.D. scientist with a penchant for sewing and bright colors, has transformed a plain bomber jacket pattern by using recycled fabrics and hand embroidery to create a unique, one of a kind piece of outerwear.  Erin used Simplicity 3688 to make the jacket but Marfy 2538 would also work well.

Erin hand-embroidered lazy daisies on the sleeves and shoulders of the raglan-style jacket, while feathers and cascading flowers were the inspiration behind the whimsical satin stitch embroidery on the back of the jacket. You can find details of the embroidery here.

blue_dressLisa, and Australian stitcher from the Making it in Berry blog uses hand embroidery to customize commercial patterns to create her own wardrobe pieces.  In this example she’s used a variety of hand embroidery stitches – including detached chain, French knots and running stitch – to update a simple round yoke.

New Look 6185 and Butterick B5610 are good pattern choices for this type of neck edge.

19fbb6384f0ef639cfc9279d9eef80bc9098dd16_largeIf you’re working in felted wool or fleece and just want a little accent along the edges, try using a hand-stitched blanket edge, like the one shown here and to the left. It’s might prettier than a machine stitched version!

Use DMC Embroidery Floss or pearl cotton to work your own unique designs, or add a bit of sparkle using DMC Light Effects floss. Or, select one of our other beautiful needlework threads to create your own signature look.





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