Stitching with DMC Embroidery Threads

Monday, April 4, 2011

Threads are the single most important part of any needlework project, and there are so many choices…

… not just color choices, but threads types as well.

Most stitchers are familiar with stranded cotton floss, as this is a staple in nearly every embroidery workbasket. DMC (an acronym for Dollfus Mieg & Compagnie) has produced cotton embroidery floss for more than 250 years.

DMC’s Stranded Embroidery Floss is a cotton thread is comprised of 6 individual strands that can be separated – use a single strand, 2 strands or the entire 6-strands.  The desired width of the finished stitch and the thread count of the fabric you are using determine just how many strands to thread through your needle.

DMC’s Stranded Embroidery Floss is available in 454 solid colors as well as 18 variegated colors.

DMC also produces ColorVariations, a beautiful line of over dyed cotton floss. Color Variations is a blend of soft colors that flow seamlessly into one another. The subtle color changes in in this floss reveal themselves every few stitches .

Color Variations Floss is available 36 shades that complement our solid colors of floss. Each of the 36 shades of Color Variations floss is a combination of current DMC colors, allowing you to coordinate Color Variations with DMC embroidery floss to create beautiful designs with colors that complement one another perfectly!

Color Variations is also available in size 5 Pearl cotton (a non-divisible thread). See our Tips Page for information on using Color Variations in your next project!

DMC Pearl Cotton, available in skeins is a highly mercerized, non-divisible, lustrous 100% cotton thread on a twisted skein. Skeins are available in two sizes – 3 and 5 (the higher the thread size, the finer/thinner the thread).

Size 3 is available in 292 solid colors. It is the perfect thread for needlepoint, creative stitchery and embroidery, plus it works well on plastic canvas.

Size 5 is available in  292 solid and 20 variegated colors. It is ideal to use for cross-stitch, embroidery, needlepoint, hardanger, blackwork, redwork, pulled thread, smocking, applique and many types of creative stitchery.

Pearl Cotton balls are available in sizes 5, 8 and 12 in lustrous 100% cotton thread.

Size 5 is available in 5 solid colors, Size 8 is available in 206 solid and 18 variegated colors, and Size 12 is available in 40 solid colors.

Pearl Cotton balls are used for crochet, knitting, tatting, hardanger, embroidery, cross-stitch, applique, quilt tying, blackwork, redwork, lacemaking and other types of creative needlework.

Metallic Pearl Cotton is a non-divisible, polyester metallic and viscose blended thread on a twisted skein. It is available in brilliant Gold or Silver , and  works well as an accent in needlepoint and embroidery pieces – especially holiday projects.

Satin Floss is a rayon specialty thread that has the silky softness of satin, in a lustrous six-strand needlework thread.

DMC Satin Floss glides through fabric easily and brings an exceptional beauty and sheen to all stitchery projects, and is available in 60 gorgeous colors .

Satin Floss is made of 6 divisible strands like DMC Cotton Floss.

Use Satin Floss in traditional embroidery. When used in satin stitch or the flat stitch, the longer stitches capture the light, and the brightnesss will be more intense.

Check out this beautiful Satin Floss Flower!

Or, use it in cross stitch – either alone, or mixed with other DMC Embroidery Threads to bring brightness and refinement to your creations.

Looking for sparkle or glamour? DMC Light Effects is a line of 36 glistening specialty threads will add reflective qualities to any needlework or craft project.

One of our Specialty Thread Packs is a great way to get started – or print out our Light Effects Color Card and Brochure and make any project sparkle!

“From one fine thread a work of art is born”



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    December 11th, 2011 10:45 am

    Alot of these hyperlinks are not working. I just bought some color variations threads and one of the associated booklets with pattersn.
    How do you work with this thread? Do you cut it a certain length can you cut one strand and double back to get two strands? Will the color look right? Can’t find any documentation about these threads that might be helpful to using the colorful thread. Thank you for your wonderful website.

    • admin
      December 12th, 2011 10:11 am
      Author's Reply

      Hi Annette – Sorry about the links. These changed when the new DMC web site launched and we’re working to get the blog and links updated as quickly as possible. Meanwhile the “search” feature on both the blog and main web site should help get you where you want to be. ~Emma

  • Britt Maturi
    March 10th, 2012 10:32 am

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  • Bettye Logan
    July 22nd, 2013 8:31 pm

    I am looking for DMC size 8 thread on small balls, I got it before in an heirloom sewing shop, but they are out. I need variegated pink, I think the color was #64. Can you give me a retail source?

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