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Friday, July 5, 2013

Hello all! I’ve been finding so many lovely examples of stitches that I’d love to share here – hope you’re all inspired by these singularly talented stitchers!

herringbone sampler by ladymoogie

This gorgeous Herringbone sampler was stitched on Aida cloth with DMC threads by ladymoogie.

I love the sheer variety of herringbone stitches (who knew there were so many?!) and the wonderful, effective way this stitcher has chosen their colors.

How many of these herringbone stitches have you tried?

Be sure to click the image to view the large size of this piece in all its glory – it is impeccably stitched!



100 stitches - #100 knotted insertion stitchThis beautiful stitch is new to me, but thanks to the skills of Kimberly Ouimet, we can all have it in our stitching repertoire!

Kimberly chose DMC Color Variations Thread in #4025 for this lovely example.

Have you ever seen (or tried) the Knotted Insertion stitch?


June 2013--Filling StitchesThis lovely stitch sampler is worked by accomplished stitcher Jorie Slodki and is composed of numerous fascinating fill stitches. Battlement filling? Ermine filling? Triangle filling?

The names are every bit as exciting as the stitches!




Finished Garden Path Sampler Last but not least is this beautiful Garden Path Sampler stitched by Daisy.

This is a fabulous idea if you’d like to embark on your own summer stitch sampler – the lovely people at &Stitches provided a free template for a stitch sampler of your own.

I love how the simple choice of a patterned fabric can really make a stitch sampler come alive!


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