Seaside Sampler Pattern

Monday, June 3, 2013

As I promised last week, today I’m posting the pattern and stitch guide for the Seaside Sampler. This fun summer project features a quote by American author and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson and is worked in DMC Embroidery Floss on plainweave fabric. Color is added to the design using PrismaColor® pencils after completing the stitching.

The color key was featured in last week’s blog, but is also included on the stitch key, and the finished design fits a standard 8×10″ frame. You can get the pattern and the stitch key here by clicking the text links.

To make the project, trace the pattern onto a 16×18″ piece of edge-finnished plainweave fabric using a water-soluble DMC Transfer Pen. Following the stitch giude, work the design using 2 strands of the 6-strand floss througout.

The stitches used in the project are marked on the guide and include chevron stitch, back stitch, French knots, detached chain stitch, running stitch and star stitch. Check out Emma’s Embroidery Stitch Tool for additional information on working these basic embroidery stitches.

After completing the stitching, soak the fabric in warm soapy water and rinse well to remove the pen markings.  While the fabric is still slightly damp, press the fabric and allow it to dry completely.

Add color to the design using the PrismaColor® Pencils.  Work the color into the areas using a light touch and a circular motion to apply an even layer of color.  You can shade areas of the design using a darker layer of color or additional colors. Get creative while filling in the designs!

After applying the color, place a scrap of plain muslin over the stitching and press with a hot iron (no steam). This process melts the wax-based pigments into the fabric slightly, and removes the excess.

Frame your project and you’re done!

NOTE: While pressing the color does make is somewhat permanent, please note that this technique should only be used for projects that will not be washed, as the pigment could wash out. If using pencils other than those given here, make sure they are wax-based, as colored pencil types will vary.


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