Let’s Meet Sashiko

Friday, April 26, 2013

How many of you have seen Sashiko? This traditional form of Japanese embroidery is usually worked on indigo fabric with white thread. The repeating geometric patterns form a beautiful cloth – and there’s something about those repetitive running stitches that looks so meditative…

There are traditional Sashiko threads, but I was curious to see what can be done with embroidery threads, and naturally, with DMC threads!

This lovely Ombre Scarf Tutorial is put together by Jessica Marquez for Design Sponge.

Jessica used 9 shades of DMC cotton embroidery floss to create a delicately shaded ombre effect. As in all of her tutorials, you can enjoy Jessica’s gorgeous photography and detailed instructions. Beautiful!

I also love a non-traditional approach to Sashiko – how about using rainbow shades to tackle the same technique?

This colorful Sashiko by Jen on the blog Jenaissance was stitched using all 6 threads of DMC cotton embroidery floss and uses a rainbow palette – lovely!


Sashiko coasters for Stitch MagazineThese gorgeous Sashiko coasters by Rachel Hauser from the blog Stitched in Color are stitched using pearl cotton (see ours). I love the wintery hues, light blues and grays she chose – so beautiful!

Her blog has a link to the project she created for Interweave Magazine, if you’d like to attempt it yourself.


This site offers an excellent tutorial if you would like to try Sashiko:

There’s a wonderful offering of free Sashiko patterns on About.com as well – a great place to try your hand at this technique:

Sashiko Patterns on About.com

So how about it? Will you be trying Sashiko?


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