SAL: Counted Thread Medallion – Part 2

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Welcome to Part 2 of DMC’s March SAL!

Our project features a square medallion worked in counted thread stitching using DMC Size 5 Pearl Cotton Variations thread in 4 colors: 4128 Gold Coast, 4215 Northern Lights, 4045 Evergreen Forest and 4075 Wheat Field.

If you missed Part 1, click here for information on the supplies needed to stitch along with us and to view the directions for the center area and inner border.

A pdf diagram featuring the complete layout can be found here. You will need to print out  this layout so that you can see the spacing between the borders. Remember: one line in the graph equals one thread in the fabric.

Today we’re stitching the outer borders of the medallion, which will complete the project. To view the cross stitch diagram or the individual border stitches in an easy-to-tote format, download and print the pdf for the diagrams page.

The first inside border was stitched in Part 1, so we’re moving on to the 2nd inside border, which is worked in color #4215 and #4075. This border is worked in 2 passes.

Work the first pass using the 4-sided stitch using color #4215.  Each stitch is worked over 4 threads in the fabric. The trick when working this stitch is to always pass the thread on the back side of the work diagonally.

To turn corners and work the next side, turn the fabric so that it faces the same direction as the diagram, and then run the thread to the next position by running it diagonally on the underside of the stitches on the back side of the work.

Once the 4-sided stitch has been worked along all 4 sides, work a single cross stitch inside each square using color #4075. The cross stitches are worked over 2 threads in the fabric.

The next border is worked in color #4045 using a counted herringbone stitch. The stitches are worked over 2 vertical and 4 horizontal threads in the fabric.

A compensation stitch – a stitch that is differently than the others to fit the area – is worked at each corner. Work this stitch by carefully following the arrows in the diagram so that you will continue to have over-and-under stitches.

To the outside of the herringbone stitch border, work a border of straight satin stitches in the direction of the arrows (from the outside inwards).

These are worked over 3 threads in the fabric, with a cluster of fan-shaped stitches worked at each corner and sharing the same hole in the fabric. For best results, work the diagonal stitch last when working the corner groups of threads so that the diagonal stitch sits on the top of the fan-shaped cluster.

The final border consists of arrow-shaped stitch groups made by stitching two diagonal side stitches worked over 2 threads and sharing the same base hole.  A third stitch, worked vertically over 4 threads is also worked into the same base hole.

These arrow-shaped stitch are spaced  having their diagonal points placed 2 threads apart.

Remove the basting threads from Part 1 if you used thread to mark the center of the fabric.

The medallion is now complete and can be finished any way you choose.  You can frame it, as I’ve done here, or turn it into a pretty pincushion or ornament.

I’m looking forward to our next SAL and hope you had fun stitching the Pearl Cotton Variations medallion project!


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  • Irene M.
    March 21st, 2013 2:27 pm

    Finished the SAL today. Had to use Variations floss since I couldn’t find the pearl. Had a bit of trouble at first keeping all 6 strands tension just right to avoid loops and twists. By the time I got to the outer satin border, it was a breeze. Nice design. I plan to add fabric and make it into a small tote bag. It will make a nice gift.

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