Your Spring Style’s In The Bag

Saturday, March 21, 2015

dmc clutchSpring has finally arrived, and we can’t wait to experiment with new color schemes, especially those that can be worn in “clutch” situations… if you catch our drift.

Don’t worry, even if you didn’t we’ll still tell you: A DIY clutch!

You heard that right. Next time you need a new accessory to brighten up an outfit, look no further than your knitting needles and our new Ribbon XL Hoooked.

dmc hoooked


By the way, we’re crazy about this new product — it really knows no bounds. Think anything from apparel to a wide range home accessories. Plus, it’s easy to work with and made from 100% recycled fibers, and it’s tubular structure makes it both incredibly durable and lightweight. In other words, the perfect fabric for a go-to handbag.

It also comes in — count ‘em — 16 colors! So if you like the bag (and trust us, you will), make another one in a different color. Then another… and maybe even another! It will be your favorite Spring and Summer accent. Let’s get started!


What you need:

– 2 Coils of RibbonXL (We’re using orange today)

– 40 x 70cm rectangular cloth upholstery (Don’t have one? It’s DMC item code: DT401)

– 2 small perforated belts (can also use a thin braided belts, whichever you prefer — get creative!)

– Knitting needles (Using an Elastic Point 2/2: 2 points to the right / 2 reverse)

dmc needles





How to make it:

– Mount 38 points and work in knit 2/2 until a height of 70 cm

– Close the points. The result is a rectangle of 41 x 70cm

– With the rectangle of fabric, line the fabric rectangle RibbonXL and sew with small dots. (The bag is obtained by folding the rectangle into 3 parts: The bottom is composed of 2 parts of 24cm, which is sewn to the sides The remaining part is not sewn.)

– Fold the flap and fasten two belts around the bag
Now we only have one question for you… What color bag will YOU be making first??


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Take Yourself To A Better Place…Mat!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

place mats 2Ah, there’s nothing like the look of a new table setting to make you feel inspired and brighten up your entire home. But let’s face it, stocking up on our favorite place mats can be pricey — that’s why we’ve made our own, of course!

These crochet place mats are made from our incredibly durable and soft Natura XL. They’re easy to make and so creative and original your friends will be asking you “where they can buy them!” — and you’ll feel even better when you tell them you actually crafted these yourself!

Below is everything you need to know to give your table a new, festive look.


3 balls of of DMC’s Natura (in any color you like!)

A Bamboo crochet hook (Also available at DMC)

The Process:

Make a chain of 33 basis points and make a crochet in the second chain stitch counting from the hook.

Weave a dwarf in each of the 14 points following chain stitch.

Make 20 chain stitches more.

Once woven, base sheet continues to form following the pattern for the next 18 passes.

place matsNote: You will use several points besides the ridges and crochets described: High Point, High Point Double and Double High Point; there are increases and decreases for each one.

Send us photos of your finished products or post on our Facebook page! We can’t wait to see your creations…


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5 DIY Craft Organizers That Will Change Your Life

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Creating an organized workspace from items that already exist in your own home is the equivalent of cooking a gourmet dinner with leftovers: You just feel an extra sense of pride. Not to mention, since you likely didn’t spend a dime, fiscally savvy.

Below are 5 DIY projects that really put the “fun” in functional… and they can ALL be made from items in your home. You heard us.

Prepare for your mind to be blown:

1) Think Outside The (Shoe)box:

shoe box

Do you often find yourself hoarding shoeboxes for no immediate reason? Actually, don’t answer that, we know you do. Presenting your new reason: An organized supplies holder and dispenser! Just poke holes in one side, and stick some brass gromets through so your ribbons can be pulled smoothly through with no snags. Wrap the box in pretty scrapbook paper to match your decor. This DIY project is so effective; and it gives you another reason why we deserve to get those pair of shoes you have been eyeing this month.

2) Threaghetti, Anyone?


This may be one of of our favorite life hacks… and not just because we love spaghetti. (But that’s true also). It’s because it really doesn’t get simpler than this: Take an old colander, put all your yarn in it, and loop the ends through the holes. Seriously, that’s it. Not only does this keep the yarn from getting dirty, but hello easy access! When you don’t have to untangle several feet of yarn before your next knitting project, it’s amazing how much more frequent those projects become. We suggest using a brightly colored colander to make it a welcome accent to your work area.

3) Put A Pin In It


Have a pincushion, a leftover piece of fabric and a few safety pins? Well, then you also have a new thread dispenser. Simply loop the spools of thread together with a piece of yarn (which, ahem, you can easily grab from your colander), and once threaded, safety pin it to each corner of the pincushion. Then, cut a circle out of any old fabric you have laying around, and safety pin that to the pun cushion as well. Warning: depending on how fancy you get with the fabric, you may want this to double as a centerpiece.

4) The Great Wall Of… You


Sure, this one’s a bit more advanced, but the pay off is substantial. Adding a slab of perforated timber or slatboard to a wall is essentially creating a tool shed without having to actually build a thing… plus, you can a decorate it however you want! We like to think of it as a sophisticated version of the cork boards you used to slather with Polaroid’s in your teen years. Once installed, hang everything from spools of thread to shelves for all your little trinkets, paints and tools, use it as your craft vision board; the possibilities are endless. Brighten it up with a fresh coat of paint, and trust us, you’ll never think of “hitting a wall” as a bad thing again.



5) Poppin’ Tags


Cardboard cards or bobbins are the perfect solution for the stragglers, i.e. those pieces of thread or string that don’t warrant an entire spool, but shouldn’t be tossed prematurely. Ideally, poke a hole in each one so you can label it with a tag / color code. Did we mention we just happen to sell these handy cardboard bobbins for this exact purpose? They come in packs of 56, and we feel confident you will use them all. They’re that handy. We also have plastic bobbins with a useful metal ring to keep it organized and accessible.


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Free Valentine’s ideas around the web!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Heart Wrist Pin Cushion on MessylaI hope you’ve been enjoying our Valentine’s posts! Today I thought I’d tour the web, and find even more inspiring Valentine ideas for you!

This Heart Wrist Pin Cushion on Messyla is so lovely, isn’t it? I spy our beautiful DMC Goa Tricot Yarn in Peach in this wonderful crochet tutorial.

How handy is it to have your needles in ready reach on your wrist? Clever and sweet!

Ironic Conversation Hearts on Honey ThistleI absolutely love these Ironic Conversation Hearts on Honey Thistle – since you can stitch your own sentiment on a heart, be it silly, sarcastic, or loving!

Since all these take are bits of pastel-colored felt, you can use up your scraps, along with a few strands of floss. I’d also love to try some pearl cotton on these, to experiment with a chunkier line.

Valentine Key Ring on Dream a Little BiggerThis Valentine Key Ring Tutorial on Dream a Little Bigger makes such sweet, stylish hearts!

I’d add a sweet sentiment, or loved one’s initials for an extra bit of goodness. You could also vary this idea using pastel felt for a conversation heart, or bits of scrap fabric, for a quilted look.

Of course we were so happy to spy our lovely DMC floss in the tutorial!

Free Stamp Pattern on Bored and CraftyLast but not least, this sweet Free Stamp Pattern on Bored and Crafty is a great way to experiment with a simple stamp carving project – and the results are adorable, as you can see!

The mug design would look equally sweet as an embroidery design, with or without some wool felt accents!


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DIY Wrapped Love Hearts

Thursday, February 5, 2015

IMG_8059 letteredThere is a new trend in heart making for Valentine’s Day. With just DMC embroidery floss, wire and glue, you can make trendy industrial wrapped love hearts. Turn them into a piece of wall art to jazz up your space. String them as a banner or decorate your Valentine’s Day table with some.  

These hearts are so fast and easy to make, you won’t stop making them. Perfect for all skill levels.IMG_8078

Your hearts will have a sweet yet industrial feel. They don’t have to be perfectly round or completely covered that’s the beauty of these hearts.


-Several skeins of DMC embroidery floss, light effects, pearl cotton and Natura yarn

-Artistic wire, aluminum 10-14 gauge (or you can use a wire hanger)

-Hot glue

-Tools: hot glue gun, pliers, scissors

heart step 1 and 2


  1. Bend wire into a heart shape, wrapping the ends together. This is the point of the heart shape (See photos).
  2. Unravel several skeins of DMC floss. Wrap one end of the gathered floss and tie a knot around the heart’s point, secure with some hot glue.
  3. Begin wrapping the gathered floss around various areas of the wire heart until you are satisfied with the coverage.

For gold tone heart I used: Natura N.43, Light Effects N.E436, Pearl Cotton N.956

For seer sucker pink heart I used: Floss N.963, N.3866, N.5282, N.304

For mixed color heart I used: Floss N.962, N.3787, Light Effects N.E168, Pearl Cotton N.956


Tips/Additional Idea:

-Use a wire hanger or jewelry wire.

-Thread your string with beads.

-Glue on rhinestones, sequins.

-Create various stitch designs.

I’ll share a few more versions soon. One named Brit Love inspired by the colors and essence of England with a touch of love.

Have a great day!


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Natural Stitched Valentine Banner

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Valentine’s Day is coming! That means playing with romantic reds and creating some fabulous tutorials that are sure to ignite your creativity!  Today, as promised, I have created a fast and easy Valentine banner using DMC floss. This is a perfect project for all experience levels, fast, easy and romantic. valentine banner opener

To get started all you need are a few supplies: DMC floss, needle, small paper bags, clothespins and buttons, that’s it.

Valentine Banner, gather supplies


-4 skeins of DMC Floss no.115

-3 skeins of DMC Floss no. 817

-Package of 4 in x 6 in paper bags, Recollections

-Package of small wood clothespins-red color

-5 Small rhinestone buttons

-Tools: embroidery needle, scissors, red color pencil

Directions to Make Banner:

  1. Spell out the word “Love” onto the paper bags using a red pencil. Draw one letter per bag.valentine banner spell
  2. Punch tiny holes directly onto the drawn letters (this makes stitching fast and easy), about ½ centimeter per hole, using the embroidery needle.
  3. Thread embroidery needle with a strand of DMC no. 817 (don’t separate the main strand).
  4. Begin stitching through the punched holes with a backstitch. Do this stitch for all the letters on the banner. (See photos)
  5. Draw random hearts onto each stitched bag using a red pencil. Punch holes around the hearts using the embroidery needle.  Fill in the drawn heart with a free form natural stitch onto the heart, starting from edge to edge, like a large running stitch (See photos).valentine banner 4
  6. Unravel a skein of DMC floss no.115. Then refold a few times to form the banner roping. Then tie a knot 6 inches from each of the rope ends. Attach the stitched paper bags to the roping using the small wood clothes pins. Set aside.
  7. Thread embroidery needle with a strand of DMC floss, stitch rhinestone button and attach to the banner. 
  8. Now your banner is ready is ready to hand on your favorite wall, door or entryway.valentine banner 5



valentine banner 6valentine banner 7









Directions to Make Tassels:

(You will need 1 full DMC floss skein for each tassel)

valentine banner tassel 1

  1. Slide the labeling off each end of the skein.
  2. Cut an 8 inch piece of floss from the skein.
  3. Next fold the full skein in half.
  4. Pinch the folded part of the skein.
  5. Tie a knot around the pinched part of skein using the 8 inch piece of floss. Leave a ½ inch area.valentine banner tassel 2
  6. Finish wrapping the floss around the tassel form, tie additional knot.
  7. Cut open the other end of the floss. Tassel is complete.
  8. valentine banner tassel 3

The possibilities are endless with this project. You can spell out any love name, add more tassels and glam. 

These tassels take less then 30 seconds to make. So fast and easy. Once you make one, you will be hooked.


Stay tuned for more inspiration this week.

Happy Creating!




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