DMC Thread Organization Inspiration

Friday, November 1, 2013

I am so impressed with the creative ways you bloggers organize your DMC floss, and I thought I’d share a few inspiring examples!

Winding Embroidery Floss with a Power Drill on Little LoveliesThis truly inspired idea comes to you from Allison on Little Lovelies who automated her DMC Bobbin Winder by attaching an electric power drill –  genius!

Visit her post for the full details and mouthwatering pics of her DMC floss!


DMC Floss Organization on Y HandmadeThis ingenious storage method by Yuki on Y * Handmade uses a business card organizer and labels, and it shows her DMC flosses to gorgeous effect!

Her lovely supplies, hand stitched items, and photo staging undoubtedly make Yuki’s blog a worthy destination – visit her post.


Slide Box Floss Organization by Leah VirsikThis idea comes from artist Leah Virsik who was inspired to store her floss in a slide film box - and it looks both gorgeous and efficient.

I love the look she’s achieved with just a sliver of color appearing on each edge – beautiful!

Visit her post to learn more about her inspiration.
DMC Floss Organization on Bird Nest on the GroundAnother simple, lovely method of organization comes from Pat on Bird Nest On The Ground. Using labels, snack size plastic bags and index cards for support, she beautifully organized her DMC floss collection!

Visit her post for more details on her process and a visual tour through her DMC collection!


Embroidery Thread Organization on Needle n ThreadIt makes sense that needleworker Mary Corbet from Needle n Thread has an impressive thread collection – but we’re flattered by the number of favorites she has in the DMC threads family, including our cotton Floche and Pearl Cotton #5.

Using a system of shallow drawers, Mary organizes her threads quite delectably by color family - visit her blog for a visual treat!

How do you arrange your DMC embroidery floss? We’d love to see your DMC stash!


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DMC Factory and Archives Tour

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Allison Aller, one of the winners of a trip to France from the DMC Memories Contest, has blogged about her experience at the DMC factory in Mulhouse.

Her blogs are so detailed and full of photos, it’s as if she’s taking us on the tour with her!

To the right is a photo of the lucky group of travellers. From left to right is Patti and Laura, Louise and her husband Jerry, Mary (Allie’s sister) and Allie.

In Part 1 of Allie’s Blog, she takes us on a tour of the factory, where the magic happens, and where raw materials are transformed from fiber to thread.

The photo to the left shows large hanks of colored thread being wound on cones.

Part 2 of Allie’s Blog features a tour of the DMC archives, located in the vaults under the building, and many of the needlework treasures that it contains.

The photo shown to the right shows the contents of just one of hundreds of drawers in the archive, containing needlework and thread samples stitched using a variety of different techniques and DMC Needlework Threads.

Allie writes, “Truly, it has taken me a month to digest all we saw and I hope I can convey some of our great experiences there.  I must say from the onset, I would very much love to return to Mulhouse for at least a week to properly investigate those archives.  With a good camera!”

You can read more about the history of DMC on our web site, and click on the links above to access Allie’s wonderful blog entries, and to see the beautiful photos she has posted about her trip.


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All the Trimmings – Stitch a Stocking

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Welcome to week 5 of our Twelve Weeks of Holiday Projects from DMC!

This week’sproject is this pretty stocking made from just 3 pieces of precut 12×18″ felt, embroidered with light and lacy snowflakes.

The snowflakes are stitched using an easy paper technique (no markings for embroidery required!) using DMC Embroidery Floss in back stitch and French knots. Smaller  flakes made from straight stitches are scattered randomly around the larger snowflakes.

The cuff is decorated with blanket stitch that has been worked along the bottom edge, and is large enough to personalize with an embroidered name.

You can learn to work these easy stitches using Emma’s Embroidery Stitch Tool, available at Shop DMC.

Click here to get the PDF instructions for making the stocking, and visit our Holiday Ideas page for previous projects.

Happy Stiching!


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We’d Like Your Feedback

Saturday, October 26, 2013

DMC Corporation invites you to participate in a customer feedback survey designed to gauge your opinions about our online store, This survey asks you about your online shopping habits and your interactions with our online store.

We are conducting this survey because we would like to know how to improve your shopping experience with us. This survey will take 5 minutes or less to complete.

To show our gratitude for your time, upon completion of the survey we will give you a coupon for 20% discount for your next purchase at

Hurry, because the coupon will expire on October 30, 2013, at midnight!

To complete the survey and receive your 20% discount coupon, please click this link to participate in the survey, then visit the Shop to redeem!


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Last-minute mask ideas

Friday, October 25, 2013

I couldn’t resist sharing some last-minute Halloween mask ideas with you from around the internet – quick and easy to whip up using felt, embroidery floss and fabric scraps!

DIY no sew masks on Pretty PrudentThese sweet felt masks on Prudent Baby can be completed with no sewing at all, but they’d be gorgeous with some stitched elements as well.

Create a ladybug, fox, Octopus, Koala, Owl, Panda, Bird, or Butterfly using their templates and instructions. View the tutorial.

Woodland animals felt masks on She KnowsFor another sweet take on the popular fox and owl theme, try these woodland animal felt masks on SheKnows. The sweet details on the owl really make it adorable, and I’m sure some decorative stitches will make it even lovelier!

Visit the tutorial.


Raccoon felt animal mask on MomsparkAdd this gorgeous raccoon by Allison to the sweet woodland mix – she is offering a free mask template and extensive tutorial on Momspark.

Try stitching around the edges in contrasting colors for extra stitch emphasis! View the tutorial.


Superhero Masks on Sunshine and a Summer BreezeThese cute superhero-inspired masks were made by Michelle on Sunshine and a Summer Breeze and she offers 4 free templates to help you create your own!

Using just a few colors of felt you can outfit a whole troop of superheros just in time for trick or treating. View the tutorial.


DIY Tulle Masquerade Masks on Sprinkles in SpringsThis elegant masquerade mask by Kara on Sprinkles in Springs looks exquisite and is so easy to make!  Kara also has a lovely glitter version along with 4 mask templates – the last of which is spooky and perfect for Halloween!


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Simply Charming

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Week four of our Twelve Weeks of Holiday Projects brings you this fun, easy project created using DMC Color Infusions Memory Thread.

This soft, fiber-wrapped copper wire can be used to embellish all types of needlework and craft projects. It’s colorfast, fade resistant, acid free, and is available in 28 bright beautiful colors, wrapped on a recyclable shuttle to keep the thread tidy and ready to use.

In this project I’ve used three shades of green and plain white Memory Thread to create simple charms that can be used to embellish the stems of your wine glasses, adding a festive touch to an otherwise plain object. One shuttle of each color will make about 4 charms.

The wired thread is shaped into small leaves (shown full-size in the pattern for tracing) and the stems twisted to form a curled hook. Teeny tiny ready-made pompoms adorn each charm, but you can substitute beads or buttons instead.

Click here to get the PDF instructions for making the charms, and visit our Holiday Ideas page for previous projects.

Memory Thread is available at craft needlework stores, or online at Shop DMC.

Happy Crafting!


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