Designing With DMC Embroidery Threads

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

DMC designers often include photos of their selected DMC Embroidery Threads on their blogs and web sites, and one of my favorite things to do when browsing blogs is to find images of DMC threads being used by designers.

Here are several sites where the designers have recently used our gorgeous threads in some of their designs, and snapped photos of the thread with their projects.

Cécile Franconie Рone of my favorite French designers Рhas used 4 different colors of Color Variations Pearl Cotton in one of the gorgeous embroideries on her Facile Cecile site.

DMC’s Color Variations is a multi-colored thread with an over-dyed effect made from 100% long staple Egyptian cotton and double mercerized to give it brilliant sheen. There are 60 different multicolor options and it’s one of my favorite threads to work with.

She has used DMC Color Variations Pearl Cotton in 4129 Peanut Brittle, 4140 Driftwood, 4135 Terra Cotta and 4126 Desert Canyon.

Kim from Kimberly QuiMet used several bright, happy colors of DMC floss in her adorable owl.

DMC Cotton Embroidery Floss is the most recommended and widely distributed thread in the world and is available in 454 solid colors, 18 variegated colors and comes in 8.7 yards in a pull skein put-up.

I “think” the colors featured here are 3845, 3806 and Blanc/White…

A Spring freebie from NeedleKnowledge uses a variety of bright colors in the May Flowers Pin Cushion pattern. The little flowers scattered across the center area can be changed to any color you choose.

I see colors 3844 Dark Bright Turquoise, 3831 Dark Raspberry 739, Ultra Very Light Tan, 989 Forest Green, and 3820 Dark Straw.

Lori at Notforgotten Farm has pulled together an assortment of DMC floss in pretty spring colors for her next project. You can see her favorite DMC color palettes here!

Do you have a favorite site that shows DMC Embroidery Threads in use on a project or design? Share it with us – you may see it featured soon!


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Inspiration on a Spring Theme!

Friday, April 25, 2014

The Earth Laughs in Flowers free chart on My HeartstringThis beautiful free cross stitch pattern, The Earth Laughs in Flowers is available on My Heartstring.

The lovely chart, designed by Beth Twist, is worked up in a fabulous range of DMC threads. If you love this, don’t miss Beth’s gorgeous Etsy Sampler Shop – Heartstring Samplery.

I love the wonderful palette she’s chosen – it would look especially lovely stitched on Beige or Natural Aida cloth or our Carolina Linen.

Embroidered Canvas Art on I Heart NaptimeThis Embroidered Canvas Tutorial by Liz on I Heart Naptime is stitched up in another dazzling selection of our DMC threads – really, the photos are mouthwatering, and the tutorial is so well laid out and imaginative.

Liz cleverly couches DMC floss over cord for a beautiful effect – you could also try your hand at our Memory Thread for another interesting effect.

I also think it would be a wonderful experiment to use all your leftover bits of floss, in rainbow shades, for a multicolored statement!

Simple Lined Zipper Pouches on Purl BeeThese Simple Lined Zipper Pouches on Purl Bee are just calling out for embellishment, aren’t they?

They look lovely on their own, but I can envision all kinds of finishing touches with our threads – a cross stitched name, some freeform floral embroidery, even a scattering of practice stitches!

Remember that you can easily translate your favorite cross stitch patterns onto any fabric surface, with the help of our Waste Canvas!


DIY Cosmetic Bag on Hannah in the HouseThis DIY Cosmetic Bag on Hannah in the House is another great opportunity for embellishment and sewing.

I’d choose a nice, bold geometric or floral print and embellish with french knots, outline stitches, and maybe a little padded satin stitch to make the pattern elements really pop!


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Umbrellas for April Showers

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April showers bring May flowers, according to the old English proverb, so while we’re waiting for better weather we’d might as well stitch! Here are some umbrella-related projects to inspire you.

This adorable little key chain coin purse was created by Beverly of the Flaming Toes blog site and features a tiny umbrella in a downpour of multicolored hearts. Her tutorial shown you how to make the purse from a kit, but you can also do something similar on a pre-made coin purse or zippered pouch.

Or how about this cute racoon holding an umbrella in a rainstorm of spring flowers? You can embroider the little guy on a cushion or quilt block.

You can use a variety of hand embroidery stitches on this pattern, including back stitch or outline stitch, French knots, lazy daisy stitches and straight stitches. Refer to our Embroidery Stitch Guide or Emma’s Stitch Tool for information on working the stitches.

Use a variety of DMC Embroidery Floss colors – or just red to make a redwork project.

The racoon is available at the French Knots site on their Cute Animals page.

Prefer to work with the real thing? Needlework designer Ruth O’Leary transformed a tattered old parasol into a work of fine art by replacing the work silk panels with new ones worked in hand embroidery.

You can find more of Ruth’s work on the British Cross Stitcher site.

While Ruth’s parasol is worked to fit an antique frame, you could also try working simpler embroidery designs on a good quality ready-made umbrella, using a variety of DMC Embroidery Threads.


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Amazing Thread Art

Friday, April 18, 2014

Check out this amazing art installation by artist Marta Elise Johansen, utilizing found objects, hardware, and DMC Light Effects floss.

The art is featured in a Los Angeles, California restaurant called Faith and Flower.

Marta was born to an American mother and Norwegian father in Pakistan, grew up in Vermont, and now resides in Mill Valley, California, and has her studio in Sausalito. She has traveled extensively around the world, and her work has been influenced by bother her travels and her upbringing. You can read more about Marta and her work here.

Everywhere she goes, she absorbs fragments of light, color, design, and sound as her experience and inspiration. She believes that the most simple materials can be as exquisite as the most precious.

Marta primarily works in ink pen on paper but has special occasions where she can experiment with other materials, in this case DMC Light Effects Floss in E677 White Gold, E301 Copper, and E3821 Light Gold.

One of her closest friends, a musician who lives in Echo Park, Simone White, helped her to execute this feature, which evokes the rich art deco history of L.A.’s past and the ever present sun of the city, all with the simplicity of objects found at the local hardware store.

On my next trip to the hardware store, I will definitely be looking at the items on the shelves differently!


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What’s Your Superpower?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I am really excited about this blog hop, because it is our very first one! I was a little nervous about it and super busy with my project last week. (No, “busy” is not my superpower, except on some days!) I want to thank Mdm Samm for calling me with the opportunity to be part of the hop and Pauline for being a great and patient cheerleader. I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on all the fun until now!


This week it’s time for mild-mannered Emma Broidery to reveal her secret true identity as Super Emma, Super Stitcher! With just a needle and DMC thread, I can save the world, one stitch at a time! But honestly, I can’t do it alone.

As Super Emma, my Superpower is Creating Community. I like to think I help bring stitchers and quilters together into amazing needlework groups and guilds. I love these extraordinary needlework communities! When stitchers come together whether we are beginners or experts, we are not just stitching thread. In a way, we are stitching strong connections between us.


As we share stories and stitches, our bonds deepen. We inspire each other with project ideas and new techniques. We cheer for each other and support each other. We matter to each other. Being together helps us to build confidence and often pushes us to challenge ourselves. A needle and thread truly can be magical! The truth is, we ALL share the same superpower! Creating community takes all of us. (And did I mention that we can save the world?)

Super Emma was designed by Brooke Nolan and is stitched with DMC Embroidery Floss, DMC Light Effects, and DMC Memory Thread on 28 count Charles Craft White Monaco, stitched over two threads. The finished piece was tacked onto a pink pillow with two trims. Don’t you love the buttons? If you feel a little like Super Emma, here is a link to the Super Emma chart.

Thank you for visiting! I will love to receive and reply to your comments! I hope you continue to see the other amazing Super Bloggers this week. I know I will.

Here is today’s list to make sure you don’t miss any!

Tuesday, April 15

A Geeky Crafty Life

Thimblemouse and Spouse

How ART you?

Sew Golden A Chance

Just Because Quilts

DMC-Threads (I am so happy you are here!)


And since I’m last today, here is tomorrow, too.

Wednesday, April 16


My Addiction to Quilting

Needle and Hook

Sew Incredibly Crazy

Lixie Makes It

Seams To Be Sew




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Creative Samplers

Friday, April 11, 2014

Crewel Filling Sampler on Button, ButtonThis week my source of inspiration is samplers - and all the wonderful, varied ways they are used in embroidery experimentation and learning!

This breathtaking Crewel Filling Sampler by Julie on Button, Button is the latest in her year of samplers series. And while this sampler features crewel wool, one of her stunning stitches features DMC floss.

I think you’ll agree, it is a very beautiful stitch she’s created with our threads!


Sampler Bag on Hokkaido KudasaiThis beautiful Sampler Bag Project on Hokkaido Kudasai is ingeniously worked with a variety of threads on mattress ticking fabric! The parallel lines keep your stitchwork consistent as you experiment.

I’d be inspired to try this technique with any recycled striped fabric I have on hand – I’m thinking about the parallel stripes on a men’s dress shirt. It’s a fabulous way to try out different weights of threads and textures, too!

Embroidery Sampler by Hermine on Journal de JoursThis Embroidery Sampler by Hermine on Journal de Jours is so inspiring. Using a sampling of geometric cross stitch patterns scattered over a linen background, Hermine has created a wonderful work of art.

This is a perfect example of how a handful of beautiful floss and the urge to experiment can be the starting point for something really lovely.


Chicken Scratch Sampler on Aida on Eglantine StitcheryThis Chicken Scratch Sampler on Aida on Eglantine Stitchery contains such a fabulous assortment of colors – using threads from our Prism Thread Packs, Aurelia offers a wonderful free pattern that is extensive and full of notes, instruction, and inspiration.

If you’ve ever wanted to try chicken scratch embroidery, but were intimidated by using a patterned background, this pattern on Aida cloth is for you!


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