Thread Jewelry Ideas

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

DMC Embroidery Threads are not just for stitching – they can also be used to create other fabulous crafts and wearables! This week I’m featuring some of the inspiring thread jewelry ideas from around the web.

Gina Michelle has combined 4 skeins of coordinating floss with chains and beads to make this pretty necklace, perfect for coordinating with your Spring wardrobe. The complete tutorial is available on her site.

Check out the gorgeous necklace Tassel Wisp necklace from Anthropologie.  I love this wispy necklace with thread tassels.

The color is fresh and fun, but by making something myself, I can change the design to any color. I’m inspired to make my own version in pink!

We’ve even got a tassel necklace here if you’d like to make one using our existing pattern. Ours is made from DMC Light Effects metallic floss. Links to the PDF instruction sheet are featured on the page.

The 2014 Geometric Jewelry Trends article features fabulous geometric shapes wrapped with embroidery floss. I love the random colors chosen – they go together beautifully.

You can wrap nearly anything with thread to create a similar design. KAYEganda created the pieces using recycled cardboard holders from game pieces, but I’m thinking of looking for several types of belt buckles to create a similar version.

Prefer bracelets? No problem! Michelle Sexton has featured a step-by-step tutorial for making this color-blocked bracelet with bling on her So Here’s My Life blog site.

She’s used a clever wrapping technique to transform an old cuff bracelet into a wearable piece of art.

Need more bling? Make this elegant braided rhinestone necklace set from embroidery floss and a strand of rhinestones from the craft store, or from a thrift store necklace.

The tutorial from Erica on the Honestly WTF site will show you how to make these beauties from start to finish.

They’re perfect for a dressed up night on the town, or to pair with jeans and a crisp white blouse for a casual day of shopping and hanging out with friends.

Such fabulous ideas – I love them all!







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Silhouettes, Applique, and Embroidery

Friday, April 4, 2014

Thread Doodling Bunny on Adventures in ThreadThis week, I’m feeling inspired by all the ways you can incorporate silhouettes and applique shapes in your embroidery, and I found some lovely examples on the web!

Just in time for Easter, this beautiful Thread Doodling Bunny on Adventures in Thread is a dense mass of stitches and floss. Using a simple outline of a bunny, Jules filled in her shape with the threads she had on hand, in a doodling fashion. She even shares her bunny stencil so you can try your own hand at it!

Cat and Canary Applique Pillow on Love To Sew:I’m in love the colors and textures in these Cat and Canary Applique Pillows on Love To Sew - with patterned fabrics from your stash, bold-colored felt, and white puffy paint to create a faux-stitched look on the edges of your applique.

Another option for your applique shapes is filling them with a dense network of doodled stitches, like in the bunny above!

Hedgehog Applique Block on Wee Folk Art:This Hedgehog Applique Block on Wee Folk Art is another fabulous starting point for creative embroidery.

Their post provides great tips on turning any applique pattern into an embroidery pattern, and I love that they’ve used DMC floss in a lovely, muted spring palette.

Bold, bright shades would look equally striking in this project – I’d be sure to explore different floss palettes.


Bird Silhouettes on Paper SeedThese sweet Bird Silhouettes on Paper Seed would also make another great applique project – either on pillows or “framed” in an embroidery hoop.

There are so many possibilities, but I would love to fill each bird with a solid color of DMC floss, focusing on one embroidery stitch for each shape…

French knots, random cross stitches, blackwork stitches, or seed stitches would all make fabulous fill stitches!



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DMC Thread Storage

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Keeping your collection of DMC Needlework Threads clean and tangle-free can be a chore if you store your threads in boxes and bins. To keep them tidy, and to make it easier to select colors when designing a project, here are some storage tips from other stitchers.

Jen at the Color My World blog uses plastic boxes and bobbins to store her DMC Embroidery Floss.   She stores them in the same order that they are featured in on our color cards. It takes a while to wind the bobbins, but the results are worth it.

The bobbins are available in cardboard or plastic at your local needlework store, or on our Shop DMC page. Save time – and your hands – by using a bobbin winder.

Mary at Needle ‘N Thread organizes her entire set of floss using our  transparent binder inserts.

For skeins, use the StitchBow plastic holders for DMC Embroidery Floss, and tuck them into the plastic sheets.

The patented design of the floss holder maintains the original shape and fullness of the floss skein when storing it, and has a handy slot for displaying the color band.

Tanya of Tanya Quilts in CO uses glass mason jars to organize and display her collection of DMC Pearl Cotton balls. This is definitely a shelf full of stitchers’ eye candy!

Presto! With just a bit of effort your threads are organized and protected from dust and tangling!


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Cross Stitch Inspirations

Friday, March 28, 2014

Cross stitch bunny canvas on Cutesy CraftsThis week I am once again inspired by cross stitch! This Cross stitch Bunny Canvas on Cutesy Crafts takes just a few skeins of floss and a blank canvas to complete.

I’d love to experiment with a few cheery Easter-themed shades of DMC floss or maybe some Color Variations floss for an ombré effect.


Owl Canvas Tutorial on MomSparkThis Owl Canvas Tutorial on MomSpark is another adorable canvas idea – this time using inexpensive burlap stretched over a frame and brightly colored yarn.

I think it would look equally adorable on a vintage fabric background, with some bright DMC floss – using all six strands will make for a chunkier, dramatic look.

This would make a wonderful first project for younger stitchers, or someone looking to try cross stitch for the first time!

Cute Monsters Cross Stitch Buttons on Craft FoxesThese Cute Monsters Cross Stitch Buttons on Craft Foxes are an adorable way to use up your smaller bits of leftover Aida cloth (or, a perfect excuse to buy up a bevy of bright new shades!) A handful of bold colored flosses are perfect for this project.

The sweet monsters would also be super-cute as a sampler with a child’s name for a play room.


Patchwork Doorstop on Imagine GnatsI adore the bold, whimsical use of cross stitches on this Patchwork Doorstop on Imagine Gnats.

Instead of stitching on a rigid grid, this tutorial has you randomly stitch your x’s in four colorful shades of DMC floss, for a beautiful graphic effect.

Who would have thought that cross stitches can have such a free-spirited style!



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Free Spring Stitching Patterns

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring is finally here! The flowers are blooming, the trees and leafing and the birds are singing. It’s such a vibrant time of year, with a lot of activity in the yards.

To celebrate the start of Spring, I’m posting two beautiful free stitch designs that you can stitch using DMC Cotton Embroidery Floss and DMC Color Variations Floss.

The first is a beautiful Butterfly Pattern featuring the saying, It takes Faith, Hope and Imagination for a caterpillar to become a Butterfly.

It’s worked in 14-count white CharlesCraft Aida and measures 9-1/4 x 7 inches when completed.

The second design is this sweet little Bluebird Pattern with the saying Be Kind, Be True.

The design is also worked on 14-count white CharlesCraft Aida and measures 6-1/2 x 4-1/2 inches when completed.

Stitch one or both designs in cross stitch accented with back stitch. Then frame the completed embroidery, or finish as a pillow front or pincushion.


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Friday, March 21, 2014

This week, I also find myself inspired by Needlepainting – a gorgeous, detailed, and intensive method of embroidery, often done with 1 strand of embroidery floss at a time! For some excellent background information, I recommend Mary Corbet‘s page on Needlepainting.

The gorgeous example below was found on Black Hen Studio and was stitched with DMC floss. I am in awe of the detail on this work in progress, and the beautiful sheen you can accomplish working with just a few strands at a time.

Portrait of a Hen on Black Hen Studio Portrait of a Hen on Black Hen Studio

Another gorgeous example of Needlepainting is this beagle portrait by Leslie Anne Pease, found on Pinterest. Leslie stitched her image using 1 strand of DMC floss – for more details on her process, visit her blog.

Beagle by Leslie Anne Pease Beagle by Leslie Anne Pease


Needlework designer Trish Burr has put together some gorgeous Needlepainting lessons – this bird and flower lesson are my personal favorite. Trish also put together some beautiful DMC floss thread packs for her lessons – I absolutely adore her color choices!


Have you tried needlepainting? Do you have any favorite tricks or tips on this technique? Please share in the comments!


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