Natura Granny Squares Tutorial

Monday, January 26, 2015

We just can’t get enough of Natura Yarns over here at DMC.  The colors and texture are just so yummy to work with. Natura is the perfect yarn for knitting, crocheting, tatting, weaving and chunky cross stitch. 

With the growing trend to revisit vintage style, granny square patterns and projects have become popular again.  Granny squares are crocheted pieces that have many applications, the most common are blankets but the possibilities are endless: lamps, bags, pot holders, cushions, shawls, sweaters to name a few. The most typical granny square pattern is a square but there are hexagons, circles and other shapes as well. 

You might have seen a blanket of colored squares on your grandmother’s couch or in your mother’s guest room, those connecting shapes are the classic granny squares and were made all over the world.  Things to Knit presents the following step by step tutorial to make your own granny square.  You begin from the center and work to the outward spiral.  Things to Knit has used Natura Just Cotton in 4 colors but can make your own combination.  It’s the perfect project for all levels.

( The original content is in spanish from the fabulous Things to Knit Blog and was shared on the DMC Spain Blog. The material list/directions are translated into English below.)


DMC Natura Yarn; no.7. no.9, no.12, no. 32

-Crochet Needle (2.55 mm)


Tutorial ( directions in English below, see photos for step by step examples. )chart 1

  1. With preferred color for the center, start with a riding 8 chain stitch.
  2. Join the beginning of a crochet chain stitch at the end of it to go around.
  3. Then work 3 chain stitches up. 
  4. Work 15 double knit high points, so that the excess thread from the beginning is hidden while you weave.chart 2
  5. Cut the excess thread, once you’ve hidden it.
  6. When you finish the 15 point higher doubles, then join with at the beginning.
  7. With another color, begin the next round, as in the previous one, hide the excess thread while you weave.
  8. This turn is woven:  two high points together, 1 chain stitch.
  9. With the next color, begin the next round.
  10. Weave in: 3 high points, 1 chain stitch.chart 3
  11. Start with the next round, repeat 3 times; Three high points, one chain stitch, until you reach the corner.
  12. In the corner: add a double knit 3 points higher, 2 chain stitches, 3 high double points and return to work in more 3 high points, one chain stitch.
  13. Finally, just turn around, finish off and cut the thread, then you will have a completed granny square.

granny squares 13More tutorials later this week. Happy Monday!


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