Men Who Stitch #4: John Perez

Friday, June 28, 2013

In our final post in this month-long series of Men Who Stitch, I’d like to introduce you to John – a new stitcher who quickly became a stitching aficionado. I love the updated, pop-culture patterns he stitches, and found quite a few I’d love to add to my to-do pile. Enjoy this brief interview with John!

Bob's Burgers stitched by JohnHow long have you been stitching?
I have been stitching for about eleven months now, and I have just become obsessed with it, it’s such a great stress reliever, and overall a great hobby, and way to express oneself.

What is your favorite aspect of stitching – collecting materials, planning, starting, finishing, etc?
I enjoy a little of everything, the planning of what to do next is right up there, I usually surf the web for patterns that just either seem like something I might enjoy or someone close to me will enjoy. Most of my projects that I have completed I have given away.

Scott Pilgrim stitched by JohnWhat is your favorite project that you have stitched?
It really has to be my second project I ever completed which was Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers, I’m a huge fan of the comic book and movie alike, and one day I was at a comic book shop when I saw a pattern of the two made out of beads. I told my sister “that would be awesome to cross-stitch”. A few days later I found a pattern and started stitching, and at first when I saw it thought it was going to be the most difficult thing to make because there were so many different colors for shading, but it turned out to be my favorite to stitch.

What kind of reactions do you get when people see you stitching?
I do get a lot of stares especially when I’m on a bus for five hours and I keep seeing the other passengers taking peeks at what I’m doing and giving me weird looks. Normally though people ask me about it, and usually make a request for me to make them something.

Dinosaur stitched by JohnWhat would your dream project be?
It would have to be my dog Darwin with rubble behind him as if he just escaped a collapsing building, but to be a little more realistic I would love to stitch Van Gogh Starry night.

How many hours a week do you spend stitching?
I spend about twelve hours a week, always wishing I could devote more time to it though.


Do you have any other creative hobbies?
I was recently called a one trick pony, because I only really do cross stitch, it’s the only one I really enjoy.

Cardinal stitched by JohnDo you stitch from patterns or do you create your own?
I currently use patterns, but I am in the process of creating my own. I carry a journal that is made of graphing paper so I can sketch in it whenever I get an idea.

Do you have any favorite DMC colors? What is your favorite DMC thread?
I have to say I developed one while I was stitching Night Wing, which is 3843.

X Files stitched by JohnDo you ever meet and share your work with other stitchers? What is your favorite way to do that?
Well I was taught by going to a “snack and stitch” in my sister’s office, sadly there has not been one in awhile, but I do stitch with most of the same people here and on lunch breaks or whenever.

I also have been able to share my projects with many others on Instagram, where I have also found so many others with amazing work.


Thanks John! It’s been wonderful to meet a new stitcher who is ready to carry the cross stitch tradition into a new generation. Keep on stitching! Thank you, sincerely, to all the wonderful stitchers who replied to our call over the past few months. As always, if you know of a fabulous stitcher who you’d love to see featured here, email us at!


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  • Patty
    June 28th, 2013 6:56 am

    I like your projects. How did you do the cell phone case?

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