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Friday, June 18, 2010

DMC Product Highlight: DMC Color Infusions Memory Thread

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been having a ton of fun with DMC’s Color Infusions Memory Thread! This flexible, soft fiber-wrapped copper wire has been a huge hit with needlecrafters and is being used to embellish all types of needlework – from stems and tendrils to bugs’ legs and seaweed – and everything in between.

This awesome thread can also serve a functional purpose, as it can be twisted into cording or used in hanging loops.

The possibilities are endless!

Here’s a fun, quickie that you can try. It uses a single length of Memory Thread to frame a small design, create a hanging loop, and a cute bow all at the same time.

While I’m at it, the drawings include a free charted cupcake pattern that can be stitched in cross stitch, half-cross stitch, or needlepoint.

Making a Memory Thread Frame with Hanging Loop:

To make the frame, loop and bow combination, start by deciding how wide you want your finished bow to be, then double this measurement.  For example, a 2-inch wide bow doubled (x2) gives you a 4-inch measurement.  This measurement will be the length of your first Memory Thread “tail.”

Using a single strand of 6-strand embroidery floss or sewing thread that matches the Memory Thread, tack or “couch” the tail in place at the top, center of the area you are framing (a detail of couching is shown below). Leave the tail loose.

Continue tacking the Memory Thread in place around the edges of the area you are framing, until you are back at your starting point.  Secure the tacking thread with a small, hidden knot to secure it while you make the loop and bow.

Next, make a loop the desired length and tack it in place. Cut a second “tail” of Memory Thread the same length as the first tail.  Tie the two tails into a bow.

You can finish the raw ends of the tail in one of two ways – either tuck a small but of the tail through the fabric and tack in place on the back side of the work, or fold a small but of each end under itself and tack in place on the front side of the work.

Super-simple and oh-so-cute!

For more fun ideas, check out the new Memory Thread section on our DMC website for a complete overview of what Memory Thread is, How to use Memory Thread, tips and tricks, other applications and inspiration, and more free designs !


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  • Liz
    June 18th, 2010 2:23 pm

    Great idea! Thanks for such clear instructions. LOVE the cupcake design too.

  • Mare
    June 19th, 2010 7:21 am

    I will have remember to pick some up to try. It looks very interesting.

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