The Art Of Jewelry Organizing

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Now what we’re about to say may shock you, but that doesn’t make it any less true: you don’t have to spend minutes (hours?) a day untangling your earrings. In fact, you could even transform that disheveled pile sitting on your shelf—or stuffed in a Mason jar, or dare we say in an old shoebox—into a work of art in less than 30 minutes.

We’ll give you a second to remove your jaw from the floor.

Keep reading to find out how to create this game-changing item in six simple steps. Once completed, the only thing you’ll have left to worry about is which pair to wear!

What You’ll Need:
Embroidery hoop
Needle + Thread
Sewing pins



Step One: Grab your hoop. The bigger the hoop, the more earrings it can hold!

Step Two: Choose your favorite fabric and cut a circle a little larger than the hoop. Make sure to choose a fabric thin enough to be stretched, but sturdy enough to support those “special” dangly earrings reserved for big nights out. (You know which ones we’re talking about!)

Step Three: Pull that fabric nice and taut, and secure the hoop.

Step Four (optional): Customize your canvas! Sew on any patches or embellishments you wish.

Step Five: Stitch the fabric on the back of the hoop together to make it hold longer (if you think you may feel inspired to change the fabric—which you can as many times as you wish!—then leave as is).

Step Six: Hang that sucker proudly! You earned it.

Now that your jewelry has been suitably organized and framed, are you ready to do more crafting? Remember: you can find the finest embroidery floss and other supplies for all your craft and DIY needs at the DMC Threads online shop!


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