Hand Embroidered Holiday Cards

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Here’s a project that’s fun for the kids as well as grown-ups!

Make hand-stitched holiday cards by stitching on card stock using your favorite DMC Embroidery Threads.

It’s easy to do, and two different options are given in the Free Pattern – a Present with a Bow, or a Trio of Christmas Trees.

Materials needed include card stock or ready-made blank note cards, embroidery thread, pencil with eraser, embroidery needle and a flexible underlayment.

I’ve used a piece of cork board but a piece of packing foam will work just as well.  Using an underlayment allows you to punch the design without ruining your work surface.

To work the designs, trace the pattern onto the card stock using a pencil.  Trace lightly so you won’t see it through the stitching  (If any pencil does show through after the stitching has been completed, it’s easy to erase later).

Next, place the design on top of the flexible underlayment and punch the design with the embroidery needle at evenly-spaced intervals. 

Pre-punching the area make it easier to stitch, keeping your flat and clean.  If you don’t pre-punch, cards have a tendency to crease at the spot where the needle is puched through the paper.

After punching the entire design, embroider along the areas using basic embroidery stitches using 3 strands of the six-strand DMC Embroidery Floss or your other favorite thread.

In my sample card, I stitched all of the outlines and lettering in back stitch, and accented the design with running stitch and French knots.

You can learn to work these stitches by visiting our Stitch Guide!

Merry Stitching!



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  • Rebecca C.
    December 13th, 2011 5:10 pm

    I did this to make a card for a friends baby shower. When I punched the card with the needle I put it on a sturdy/stiff foam nursing pillow and it worked out great. I will have to try this for next Christmas it looks like fun.

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