Finishing the Halloween Pumpkin as a StandUp

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Can you believe how quickly this month has been flying by?

Before you know it, it’ll be Halloween!

It’s a good thing we’ve come to the end of our Halloween Pumpkin Stitch-a-Long.

During this stitch-a-long we’ve learned two ways to make a 5-point star, and now it’s time to finish our project as a stand-up – like the one shown here..



Gather your supplies

The materials you will need include a chunk of dense 3/4″ styrofoam, acid-free foam core board, fabric to cover backing, 5/8-inch ribbon, sewing needle and white thread (you can use single strands of embroidery floss or any other needlework thread), pins with balls at their heads,  scissors & cutters, low-temp glue gun and a glue stick.

…and of course your finished embroidery piece.

TIP: the dense version doesn’t show dimples and holes through the fabric like standard syrofoam will.

Cut the foam core and the foam backing, trim excess fabric

The foam core board and dense foam are cut to the same size, which should be about 1/4-inch larger around all 4 sides than the embroidered piece.

I used the design at is full size (not reduced or enlarged), so I cut my board and foam to 4×5 inches in size.

Trim the excess embroidery fabric around the edges of the design to withing 2 inches of the embroidery, discarding the excess.

Attach the embroidery

Center the embroidered piece of the foam core board.

Hold the embroidered piece in place by inserting pins along the foam in the edges.

These pins will be removed later.

Then, attach the fabric to the foam core board by turning under 1/4-inch around the raw edges of the fabric, mitering the corners as if wrapping a package, and lace the piece to the backing. Remove the pins.

I have used red here fo contract, but please use white.

Prepare the backing and assemble

Wrap the 3/4″ styrofoam piece with fabric.  You can use the glue gun to secure the fabric in place.

Place the laced front onto the wrapped backing section and glue them together with a few dabs of the low-temp glue in each corner.

TIP: Low temp is easier to remove than hot glue, so you can disassemble and clean the project at a later date ir needed.

Glue a length of ribbon around the edges of the piece, covering the joined areas.

If desired, insert a pin at the corners of the base of the stand-up as feet.  If you have made a larger stand-up, 1/2″ beads can also be placed on a pin and inserted as feet.  Secure the feet in place with a dab of glue.

Add a ribbon to the top, tucked in place with pins and your stand-up is complete and ready to use!




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