Easter Crafts for the Family

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Sunday is fast approaching, and families everywhere are preparing for the Holiday by dyeing traditional Easter eggs.

Not into eggs or the mess that dyeing eggs can make?  Here are some alternatives that the entire family can get involved with that won’t stain clothes or countertops!

Make life-sized Easter eggs using pearl cotton, glue and foam, paper mache or wood egg shapes.  The Killer Crafts blogsite will show you how to wrap colorful thread around the shapes to make these easy decorative eggs using an assortment of solid colors.

You can also try using Pearl Cotton Variations in spring colors for a variegated egg. Choose your favorite colors, coat with glue and wrap – it’s so easy! And, these eggs are sturdy enough to store and re-use year after year.

The MudBucket site will show you how to make Easter Egg Treats by wrapping thread, embroidery floss or yarn around a balloon with a special treat inside.

Make a few dozen of these eggs and hide them around the house for the kids to find.

While the models have candy as the treat, small toys or coins can also be used.

The folks at the Mod Podge blog have used a similar technique to make a beautiful Easter egg garland.

You can even add the eggs to a wreath to grace the front door, or fill up baskets as decorative accents during the Holiday.

The creative folks at Happy Hour Projects have used similar eggs to fill a canister as a seasonal kitchen display.

Visit the web sites featuring these terrific ideas by clicking the photos of the text links to learn more about making these easy family projects.

Any of these ideas are easy enough for kids and non-stitcher to make and are tons of fun to create!


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