Here at DMC we have a variety of programs to enhance your love of stitching. Any questions just ask!

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Join the DMC Club!
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Become a DMC Mentor!

Become a DMC Mentor!

Do you have a passion for cross stitch? Would you like to share your expertise with others? Do you know people who would like to learn to cross stitch? Become a DMC Mentor. Pass it on.

The DMC Cross-Stitch Mentoring Program is designed to share your love and passion for cross-stitch with a friend, family member, scout troop, class or anyone you think would enjoy cross stitching as much as you do. It’s so easy.

Sign up and become a DMC Mentor and you can help ensure the heart warming craft of cross stitch thrives for another generation.

To get started, DMC has provided you with all the tools you’ll need. Sign up as a DMC Mentor and DMC will send you a DMC Cross Stitch Mentor Kit with 4 mini cross-stitch starter kits to be used for your first lesson. The DMC Cross Stitch Mentor Kit also includes a Mentor Design Brochure that features nine additional projects for subsequent lessons. As a gift to you, DMC has included your own DMC Mentor Pin and business cards to identify you as an official DMC Mentor. You will also recieve DMC’s free monthly newsletter.

To help further guide you on your way to a fulfilling mentoring experience, DMC has created a special DMC Mentor web-page only for use by DMC Mentors. Sign up and log in to create your Mentor profile and to register your students. You’ll find Tips on How to Mentor Effectively, new FREE Beginner Cross Stitch Designs for additional lessons, a Graduate Certificate that help you recognize the achievements of your students and a Mentor Chat Room/Message Board that provides an opportunity to share your ideas and success stories with other mentors.

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