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Thursday, April 19, 2012

DMC Color Variations Embroidery Floss is a blend of soft multi-colors that flow seamlessly into one another in a single strand.  The subtle color changes of Color Variations reveal themselves every few stitches to create cross-stitch designs that bring color to life.

Tones from neighboring color families create rich, vibrant effects with NO harsh contrasts. Colors blend gently and seamlessly one into another.

Color Variations provides the look of hand-dyed floss with the added quality and reassurance that they are made by DMC.  Color Variations is 100% colorfast, fade resistant, and offers guaranteed DMC color consistency from one skein to another.

Each skein is a combination of DMC colors, so you can coordinate Color Variations with DMC Embroidery Floss to stitch beautiful designs with colors that complement one another.

The helpful chart shown to the right shows you which colors coordinate with the thread, making it easy to select your floss.  The chart is always available on our main site, anytime you need it.


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  • Sally
    September 18th, 2014 1:57 pm

    Does DMC have an updated chart showing the stranded colors used in ALL of the color variations…there are now 60. Thanks!

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