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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Allison Aller, one of the winners of a trip to France from the DMC Memories Contest, has blogged about her experience at the DMC factory in Mulhouse.

Her blogs are so detailed and full of photos, it’s as if she’s taking us on the tour with her!

To the right is a photo of the lucky group of travellers. From left to right is Patti and Laura, Louise and her husband Jerry, Mary (Allie’s sister) and Allie.

In Part 1 of Allie’s Blog, she takes us on a tour of the factory, where the magic happens, and where raw materials are transformed from fiber to thread.

The photo to the left shows large hanks of colored thread being wound on cones.

Part 2 of Allie’s Blog features a tour of the DMC archives, located in the vaults under the building, and many of the needlework treasures that it contains.

The photo shown to the right shows the contents of just one of hundreds of drawers in the archive, containing needlework and thread samples stitched using a variety of different techniques and DMC Needlework Threads.

Allie writes, “Truly, it has taken me a month to digest all we saw and I hope I can convey some of our great experiences there.  I must say from the onset, I would very much love to return to Mulhouse for at least a week to properly investigate those archives.  With a good camera!”

You can read more about the history of DMC on our web site, and click on the links above to access Allie’s wonderful blog entries, and to see the beautiful photos she has posted about her trip.


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