Crochet Basics

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

filetcrochetthrow.ashxCrochet can be used to create a wide variety of wearable and home decor objects using various weights of yarn. To help you get started with crochet, DMC has created a series of pages featuring things you need to know to start crocheting.

There are a large variety of crochet patterns available. A good place to start is the Inspiration section on this the DMC website. Other places include your local craft store, bookstores, and needlework catalogs which will have crochet leaflets, books, and magazines.

Pattern instruction symbols small.ashxCrochet pattern instructions include everything you will need to create the crochet design, including the quantity and type of crochet thread or yarn, hook size, gauge and complete row-by-row instructions. However, deciphering a pattern can seem daunting for a newbie.

To help you follow a crochet pattern, DMC has created a page dedicated to helping you Read a Crochet Pattern.   In addition to basic terminology, you’ll also find a section on common abbreviations and symbols.  These are used in instructions that are written row by row or round by round.

crochetfashiontop.ashxOnce you’ve picked up some Crochet Yarn and hooks and are ready to start a project, you can check out our How to Crochet pages where we feature a variety of helpful information on crochet, including a Stitch Guide and information on Blocking and Finishing a completed Project.

Free crochet patterns are also available from DMC, and can be downloaded from the Crochet Patterns page. – including the lacy throw and the pretty lace sweater shown here.

Once you’ve completed your project, be sure to check out the helpful tips for laundering your crochet items. We’ve got your crochet covered!


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