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See below for the DMC’s Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can I purchase DMC wholesale?

A: If you are a retailer with a valid Tax ID number you can purchase DMC products wholesale through one of our authorized distributors.

Visit the “Wholesale Information” section of our website for a list of Authorized DMC Distributors.

Q: Why do retail stores only carry limited colors and products in their stores?

A: If you cannot find a specific DMC product at your local needlework store you can suggest that the store add it to their current selection of DMC products. We do our best to encourage all our retailers to carry the full assortment of DMC products, however due to space limitations sometimes they are unable to do so.

Be sure to visit SHOP DMC to purchase our products if a retailer does not carry something. You may also visit Herrschners online to order online or by phone through their catalog.  Herrschners carries most of the DMC product line.

Q: Do you sell DMC cross stitch kits in the US?

A: DMC sells a limited selection of needlework kits on our US website. Please visit our online DMC SHOP to see and purchase this collection.

Q: Why can’t I buy from the DMC international website?

A: The international DMC websites are not e-commerce sites at this time.

Q: Why doesn’t the USA sell Hello Kitty, Snoopy, and Disney cross stitch kits?

A: Many of the DMC kits sold internationally are prohibited from being sold in the US due to licensing restrictions. DMC cannot legally sell these kits in the US.

Q: Does DMC discontinue colors?

A: No, DMC has never discontinued any solid cotton embroidery floss colors.

Q: Is there any reason why you do not sell your thread on your website?

A: We do not sell our #1 product on our website in order to avoid competing with our retailer partners.

Q: Is your thread color fast or do I need to set it before cross stitching with it?

A: All of our threads are color fast and fade resistant. However, some stitchers pre-wash embroidery floss before stitching. If you would like to, follow these instructions:

– Mix one tablespoon of white vinegar with 8 oz. of clear water
– Soak entire skein in vinegar and clear water
– If thread has any excess dye in it, the water will show discoloration, (the water will turn the same color as thread)
– After soaking, take the thread out of the water/vinegar mixture and make sure it is completely dry before using.

Q: Do you have a catalog?

A: No, DMC US does not have a consumer product catalog. We urge you to visit our website to learn about our entire product line.

Q: What do I do if my floss bled onto my fabric?

A: this is a highly unusual occurrence. However, expert needlework designers and stitchers use Orvus soap to wash their needlework projects. Orvus is a very gentle soap that is sold at many independent needlework stores as well as online at: Clotilde.com or by calling  (1800-545-4002).

When needlework projects need to be cleaned, use cool to slightly warm water and about one teaspoon of the Orvus in a sink (kitchen) full of water. Gently move the piece in the water, you can also let it sit if it is necessary. Then gently wring it out and rinse it as many times as necessary to get the soap out of it (until the water is clear.) Use almost cold water to rinse the piece.
When you are satisfied that the piece is thoroughly rinsed, roll it in a bath towel (you may have to use a couple of towels) to get most of the water out.
Press it while it is damp, right side (design side) down on another heavy terry cloth towel. Continue to press it on the wrong side (back) until it is dry and looks like you want it to look. Here again you may to use several towels. (The towels keeps you from flattening out your stitching.

Q: What is the difference between DMC Rayon and DMC Satin Floss?

A: DMC Satin Floss is a new and improved rayon floss. It is made from ultra soft 100% rayon fibers and brings a brilliant sheen to your needlework. DMC Satin Floss is twisted differently than our Rayon Floss to make it easier to work with.

Originally launched in 2008 in the same palette of 36 colors as our Rayon Floss, 24 new colors has now been launched in 2010.

You can use Satin Floss by itself or mixed with other DMC threads to add luster and shine where you need it. Satin Floss follows the same numbering system as our regular embroidery floss (Art. 117), so it can be easily substituted wherever you want to add some extra brilliance. DMC Satin Floss is a six-strand divisible thread, available in 8.7 yard pull-skeins. Each skein is packaged with a single clear label to protect the thread at retail, while allowing exposure at the ends so consumers can see and feel its silky softness.
Q. How can I obtain a DMC Color Card with the actual thread on it?

You can purchase a DMC Thread Color Card here on our website.

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