Friday Freebie – Christmas in July!

Friday, July 29, 2011

It’s never too early to start your holiday stitching, so here’s a fun beat-the-heat project to help kick off your stitching spree.

Make a candy ornament using DMC Color Infusions Memory Thread!

To make this simple project you’ll need 3 yummy colors of Memory Thread, a scrap of white felt, white sewing thread and a sewing needle, and a scrap of plastic (I used a square of plastic cut from a sandwich baggie).

Step 1: Cut two 12-inch lengths of two of the colors (in this case, red and white) and a single length of the third color (I used green).

Step 2: Twist the two lengths of red Memory Thread together. Repeat with the white.

Step 3: Twist all three strands together to make a tri-colored, wired cord.

Step 4: Starting at one end of the cord, shape the length into a disk, and couch the disk onto the surface of the white felt.

Step 5: Cut a candy circle from the felt, 1/4 inch from the edges of the disk. This makes the candy front.

Step 6: Repeat Steps 1 through 5 to make a second felt disk for the back.

Step 7: Stitch the two felt disks together, whipstitching along the edges.

Step 8: Fold the plastic around the disk, just like you would if wrapping candy.  Use a length of Memory Thread to tie a bow on each end of the plastic and you’re done!

I’m going to make a bunch of these to put in a bowl on the mantle – it looks like candy, without the calories or the guilt, LOL!







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