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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My life in Bali has been wonderful – I love the structured days that are anything but routine. At 6 am I have breakfast with the children and they are off to school. They return from school at 1 and I help them their English lessons and reading time and then we dive into art class! They love art class and as soon as they get home from school they run up to me asking if were having art today – we have art every day! They get really concerned that one day we will not be having art but each day I assure them we will and it gets met with cheers.

The other day we had some painting and drawing classes with supplies donated by Jerry’s Artist Outlet, ACMoore, & Plaid. We used brushes from ACMoore and Plaid, Apple Barrel Paints from Plaid and these wonderful artist pallets from Jerry’s that contained paints, watercolors, colored pencils, charcoal and pastels. They included everything you needed, little pads of paper, pencil sharpeners, blenders, brushes and more; they were awesome! The kids loved all the supplies. Thank you everyone for the  great donations!





















Today I brought out piles of Charles Craft Plush Animals for the kids to stitch onto. The soft cuddly animals were a huge hit! I had Madison the Monkey, Dylan the Duck and Penny the Pig. The kids chose which animal they wanted and stitched onto the bibs either a design that was included with the animals, their names or a design of their choosing. Their little faces lit up when I brought the animals out, it was so cute! I was afraid they would fight over a particular animal but they all were gracious and happy with what they got and happily worked on their animals for the rest of the class  time.

Yoel, my little monkey, had fun stitching his name onto his monkey.




















I have started to really integrate myself into the children’s lives far beyond art. Connecting with them and talking to them is so rewarding and warms my heart. I love getting to know them and joking around with them, playing with them. They are all so intelligent and been loving the art classes, particularly stitching.  I feel so happy that the children have really grasped the concept of stitching and love it!

More Later!



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