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Tatting and Crochet Inspiration

Friday, August 23, 2013

It’s so inspiring all the different crafts that are possible with our threads – how many of you have had a chance to try Tatting? We have a wonderful section on our site devoted to this craft with stitch guides, illustrations, and tips for reading patterns- visit our tatting guide.

Tatting example by Ninetta CarusoNinetta Caruso is an Italian crafter who posts beautiful tatting projects on Flickr – she provides helpful step-by step instructions to guide you through her process, and many lovely free patterns. Her Flickr stream is a wonderful resource for tatting inspiration – visit her photos.

This lovely example uses DMC Tatting Thread in Size 80.

Tatting Overview on Thread HeadCanadian quilter Joanne provides a wonderful tatting overview on her blog Thread Head.

She mentions that her favorite thread for tatting is DMC Cebelia and gives you many useful tips, illustrated with clear photos to get you started.

For more inspiration, visit her overview.


Tatted Tulip and Leaf Doily by EvelynEdit: 8/26 – Our eagle-eyed readers are correct – the following photos are an excellent example of crochet, not tatting!

Evelyns Flickr stream features beautiful, clear photos of her work, along with the pattern source, size, tools and threads used. For some beautiful crochet inspiration, visit her photos.

This beautiful Tulip and Leaf motif is worked with DMC Cebelia in size 10.


Do you have any lovely examples of tatting or crochet using DMC threads? As always, be sure to share them!


Learn to Tat

Monday, August 20, 2012

Tatting is making a comeback!

This form of needlework is composed of knots or stitches, and picots, which form rings and semicircles worked using one or multiple a tatting shuttles. A basic double knot is worked over the thread repeatedly to create a lacy design that can be used as edgings or motifs.

To help you get started, we’ve created a special section devoted specifically to tatting.

Our tatting cotton is the perfect choice for making your first creation. Available in 21 solid colors and 5 variegated colors, DMC Tatting Cotton is a size 80, 100% cotton thread that is ideal for making very fine and delicate lacework such as edges of handkerchiefs, doilies, or collars, and perfect for creating tatted wearable art and jewelry.

You can learn to tat by gathering your tatting supplies and  viewing our Start Tatting Tutorial. You’ll learn how to hold the shuttle and make your first knots in this easy tutorial.

As you learn, refer to our Tatting Abbreviations Guide, or print it out and keep it in your work basket for easy reference.

Once you have the hang of it, you can move on to our Tatting Stitch Guide where you’ll find instructions for making an edging as your first, basic tatting design.

Ready to start your first real project?

Check out the list of Antique Tatting Patterns from the In Tatters site, or the Free Patterns Page from Be, featuring free projects like this gorgeous beaded, tatted dragonfly that you can wear as a brooch!

There are so many beautiful projects you can make using nothing more than a few knots and a tatting shuttle.  Best of all, tatting is also portable, easy to learn, and fun!



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