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Tatting and Crochet Inspiration

Friday, August 23, 2013

It’s so inspiring all the different crafts that are possible with our threads – how many of you have had a chance to try Tatting? We have a wonderful section on our site devoted to this craft with stitch guides, illustrations, and tips for reading patterns- visit our tatting guide.

Tatting example by Ninetta CarusoNinetta Caruso is an Italian crafter who posts beautiful tatting projects on Flickr – she provides helpful step-by step instructions to guide you through her process, and many lovely free patterns. Her Flickr stream is a wonderful resource for tatting inspiration – visit her photos.

This lovely example uses DMC Tatting Thread in Size 80.

Tatting Overview on Thread HeadCanadian quilter Joanne provides a wonderful tatting overview on her blog Thread Head.

She mentions that her favorite thread for tatting is DMC Cebelia and gives you many useful tips, illustrated with clear photos to get you started.

For more inspiration, visit her overview.


Tatted Tulip and Leaf Doily by EvelynEdit: 8/26 – Our eagle-eyed readers are correct – the following photos are an excellent example of crochet, not tatting!

Evelyns Flickr stream features beautiful, clear photos of her work, along with the pattern source, size, tools and threads used. For some beautiful crochet inspiration, visit her photos.

This beautiful Tulip and Leaf motif is worked with DMC Cebelia in size 10.


Do you have any lovely examples of tatting or crochet using DMC threads? As always, be sure to share them!


Looking Ahead – Autumn

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It may be July and many stitchers are in the midst of a summer heatwave, but like many of you, I’m looking ahead to Autumn and Winter projects. It’s my favorite time of year for stitching!

Since some projects take longer than others to complete, it’s nice to get a head-start.

With this week’s free project I’m looking ahead to the warm days and cool nights of Autumn, and have created this simple Oak Leaf Medallion that is suitable to beginner to intermediate stitchers.

Work the design using a variety of needlepoint stitches by following a simple charted stitch guide, which shows how each stitch is worked on the canvas. The guide is super easy to follow!

In this project I’ve used continental stitch for the yellow borders and filling inside the medallion, tent stitch in two colors for the outermost border, long stitch for the leaves, alternating mosiac in two colors for the green border and slanted gobelin for the wider white borders.

The stitches in each quadrant of the design all face the same direction, which means there is almost no distortion after completing the stitching. It’s ready to be finished in any way you choose.

The finished design measures approximately 4×4 inches. The small size makes it perfect for finishing as a small pincushion (shown), to display in a square frame,  or finish as an autumn ornament.

I’ve worked the design in beautiful fall tones of DMC Tapestry Wool on 12-mesh mono canvas, in colors Blanc, 7541, 7542, 7918, 7922 and 7050. Leftover tapestry wool was used to make the matching trim.

If you prefer, you can also stitch the design in basic tent stitches or even cross stitch using the graphed pattern. Get the free pattern here!


Emma Broidery’s Memory Thread Guide

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Have you considered adding Memory Thread to a project but were unsure of just how to use it or attach it? Check out Emma Broidery’s new Memory Thread Guide!

Emma Broidery’s Memory Thread How-To Guide shows and explains how to shape and apply Memory Thread™ to fabric, canvas, felt, quilts and paper.  You’ll find 18 basic and creative shaping techniques presented in detail, with instructive photos, directions, diagrams and helpful tips.

Then you can try any of the ten easy and quick projects included in the book.

Projects include a beautiful needlepoint bracelet, a quilted pin cushion, a pretty stitched flower pin, a felt embroidery gingerbread house ornament, a fun Christmas tree ornament, an adorable bird greeting card, or make your own trendy jewelry projects using our easy-to-follow instructions!

Memory Thread is a soft fiber wrapped copper wire that you can use to embellish all types of needlework and craft projects. It’s a colorfast, fade resistant, acid free, and is available in 28 bright beautiful colors. wrapped on a recyclable shuttle to keep the thread tidy and ready to use.

Memory Thread can be tacked in place using matching shades of DMC Embroidery Floss on the surface of your completed needlework project, or use the Memory Thread to make beautiful jewelry and accessories accented with beads, buttons or charms!


DMC Stitch Guides

Monday, May 7, 2012

I’m so sxcited to report that DMC has now added another awesome item to the needlepoint Stitch Guide collection!

The newest stitch guide is for the Beautiful Flowers canvas by Maggie & Co.

The canvas can be purchased or ordered through your local needlework store, and the free pdf stitch guide can be downloaded here. It’s a large file, so be sure to give it time to download.

The details created using DMC Color Infusions Memory Thread and other DMC Needlework Threads are gorgeous and really set off the bright, colorful design. This thread has been used not only to outline elements in the design by couching it in place, but also to create interesting textures around flower centers and on the vases.




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