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The Holiday Marketplace

Friday, December 19, 2014

Still looking for last minute gift ideas for the creative person on your list?  Well look no further – Introducing the new DMC Holiday Marketplace!  DMC Holiday Marketplace

The new DMC Holiday Marketplace is your one stop shop for beautiful kits and specialty craft supplies for all your holiday gifting and project needs.  

How about a glimpse inside the marketplace?  Just grab a cuppa and let’s go.  Our first stop begins with Holiday Stockings – add to your holiday decorations with a set of festive Christmas stockings.  These stocking are just too fabulous, a must have for your holiday decor. 


Our next stop begins inside the Unique Kits Section of the Holiday Marketplace – no holiday can be complete without some holiday crafting.  I can’t remember a single holiday where I wasn’t creating something special for a family member or friend.  

Inside this section you can find a variety of unique kits such as tea towels and mason jar sewing kits.  I’m totally smitten over the Festive Birds of Paradise tea towel kit. TTKIT01_01

Have some little ones waiting to shine this holiday season?  Then visit the products inside Ready to Stitch.

Don’t have time left to create a holiday project?  Well how about buying something handmade inside our Artisan Handmade?  When you buy something handmade you are buying an original, one of a kind work of art and supporting the handmade movement. 

Inside the Artisan Handmade section you will find some amazing items such as these baseball rhinestone cuffs created from vintage or game used authentic baseballs, rhinestone brooches, and DMC threading. BBRCPLTS_02

Now that you have finished shopping, creating and decorating, you have to wrap.   If you are like me then you love to jazz up your gifts with unique gift wrap.  When I receive a gift that’s wrapped so beautifully I get excited and inspired just like I did when I saw these presents wrapped in DMC threads, cute tags and embellis.

Are you excited and inspired yet?  There’s still time left to create and buy for the special ones on your list.  Presents with Thread






Ready, Set, COLOR!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

CF_Mercerizing1During the past two weeks I’ve been taking you on a Tuesday Tour of the DMC Factory in Mulhouse, France. We’ve taken a look at the location and its history, and have toured the steps taken to get from raw cotton to thread.

You can click on the links in the paragraph above if you missed the first two sections.

It’s been such an interesting journey, and today we’re going to see what happens next. It involves a spa-like bath and COLOR!

To get you caught-up in a nutshell, we have followed raw cotton through the spinning process through to the gassing, which removes unwanted fuzzies, and on through to twisting plies and making a huge hank of thread.

CF_DyeBathsNext in the process is Mercerizing. This process was invented by John Mercer in 1844 and is very important in the manufacturing process.

Mercerizing increases the yarn’s mechanical strength, improves its dyeing affinity, and gives the yarn brightness.

The large hanks are placed under tension and dipped in a concentrated solution of caustic soda and maintained at cold temperatures. It is then rinsed with hot water and then again in cold water.

If you look closely at the image above left, you can see that the hanks on the left are under tension, while the hank closest to you on the right has not yet been placed under tension and is still loose.

CF_DyedYarnThe yarns are then bleached using oxygenated water (not chlorine) before being placed in the huge dye vats. Vat dyes or naphthol dyes are used for colorfastness.

After dyeing, a special softening process is used that will help ensure easy rewinding of the skein, and gives the thread a slippery finish, allowing it to pass through the needlework fabric without any hangups or tugging.

The hanks are also expressed to make sure they have as little moisture in them as possible before being put through the drying tunnel. It’s a bit like the spin cycle of your home washing machine, only on a much larger scale.

After expressing, the hanks are hung on a rack to prepare them for drying.

CF_DryingDrying is accomplished using a large air drying tunnel. It takes several days to dry a single rack of thread, and is must be completely dry before it can be wound into hanks and skeins and packaged for shipment.

Next week we’ll explore the processes used to create the hanks, skeins and balls of DMC Needlework Thread, packaging and shipping to all corners of the globe!


DMC Glow-in-the-Dark Floss

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Light Effects Color Card copy.ashxReady to put some spooky in your Halloween stitching? Try glow-in-the-dark floss from DMC! We’ve had a lot of questions lately regarding this fun thread. It’s perfect for Halloween stitching!

Glow-in-the-dark thread is part of our DMC Light Effects line and is 6-strand, and available in three colors – white, neon yellow and neon green. This type of information is always easy to access on the DMC web site for any of our threads, any time you need it.

To use glow-in-the-dark thread, simply replace the standard white, green or yellow thread in your project with he glowing thread. Or, you can substitute one of these colors for another in your project, to give your finished item an awesome glow.

Witch and Black Kitten.ashxWhen exposed to daylight, the special dyes absorb the light and will glow in the dark for a period of time after exposure.

Visit the Light Effects page for more details, including care and washing, colors and how to use light effects.

Looking for a fun and FREE Halloween project you an stitch? Be sure to sign up for the DMC Club, where members can find lots of free patterns using their favorite DMC Needlework Threads.

You’ll find this cute witch pattern in there too! Look under the Halloween section to find the pattern, as well as several awesome designs that are perfect for stitching with glow-in-the-dark floss.


Stitching Pretty… on the Go

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

imageTote your current project along with you in style! DMC’s Canvas Floral Tote is the perfect size for the stitcher on the go.

This pretty tote bag is made from durable canvas fabric featuring a colorful floral print with solid tan lining, a zippered closure and attached shoulder straps and measures 19″w X 11″h X 6″d. It’s roomy interior will easily hold all of your needlework threads, embroidery fabrics, hoops and accessories.

imageThis tote bag has a large main compartment with a zip top closure and a lined interior that offers plenty of storage not just for your crafts supplies and accessories, but also for anything else you need to bring along, like books, patterns – or even your lunch.

It’s available exclusively in our online shop!


DMC Floche Embroidery Thread

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Floche image 2 large.ashxHave you tried Floche embroidery thread? DMC Floche is a twisted thread made from the finest long fiber cotton, mercerized to create a beautiful finish. This superior quality thread is especially suited for fine embroidery.

DMC Floche is comprised of 4 non-divisible strands in size 16 thread, each strand equals two (2) strands of DMC Floss. Threads can be stitch in a single or multiple plies and slide easily through fabric. During the manufacturing process, the cotton is combed, singed by flamed and mercerized creating its beautiful finish. The end result does not knot, kink or fluff and is soft and gentle to the touch.

I like to use floche while traveling, because not having to separate the thread into strands makes it easier to stitch on the go. It’s less hassle, and my airline seatmate always appreciates the fact that I keep my space tidy.  However, due to the smaller range of colors, it should be used for projects where a smaller range of colors is used.

Floche is ideal for fine embroidery, needlepoint, delicate stitches such as openwork, cutwork, whitework, smocking, shadow work and openwork, as well as for fine motifs such as monograms and initials. It is especially suited for embroidering household linen and other creative stitchery.

JX01Floche is also perfect for making Temari! Check out this gorgeous ball made by Julian, shown on the Temari Kai web site. Instructions for making the ball can be found here.

Like most of our embroidery threads, Floche is is 100% colorfast and available in 87 solid colors (you can download the PDF color card here) on a 150 yard long skein, 10 grams.

It’s harder to find – available through fine independent needlework stores – but once you try it, you’re sure to love it. It’s one of my favorites!


Helpful Information from DMC

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Like most stitchers, I like to change things up when I stitch, based on materials I have on-hand. Here are some downloadable PDF’s from DMC Threads featuring helpful information to help you organize your thread collection, or to make product  substitutions when working on a project.

Click on the text link or the image to download and print the material.  You can then 3-hole punch them and keep them in a binder, where they’ll always be handy.

Want to substitute DMC Embroidery Floss for Satin Floss or Light Effects Floss? Consult the DMC Thread Color Conversion Chart. This 11-page chart has been formulated as a guide to assist you in selecting thread substitutions by color from the DMC family of products.

Bear in mind that the colors may not be exact across all products, due to variations in the materials used to produce or dye them. Use your best judgement when selecting substitutions for the threads listed in your project instructions.

If you want to make sure you have all the colors of the DMC Embroidery Threads in our collection, download the Shopper’s Check List.

Check off the items you already have, then bring the checklist with you on your next trip to the needlework store. You’ll always know what you have – and don’t have – and be ready to start your next stitching project.

If you’ve ever wondered what the name of each color of floss is, download the Color Descriptions for DMC Embroidery Floss file. It contains a numerical listing of all of the available colors of DMC’s open-stock embroidery floss. The list does not contain the colors for threads that are not yet available in individual units

If you want to see the names given to our set of 16 brand-new new colors, available as a boxed set, click here.

Color Descriptions for DMC Light Effects Floss including Jewels, Antiques, Pearlescent, Fluorescent and Metallic flosses can be found here, and includes a numerical listing of available colors can be downloaded here.

You can also find these items any time on the DMC web site on the Conversion Charts page.


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