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Precious Objects

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Welcome to week 2 of our Twelve Weeks of Holiday Ideas! We’re offering this in conjunction with our newsletter, so if you haven’t had a chance to check the blog and are signed up for the newsletter, you won’t miss a thing!

This week our focus is on Precious Objects – beautiful jewelry that you can stitch and craft using an assortment of DMC Embroidery Threads. The designs work up quickly using basic needlepoint stitches, and the set would make a wonderful gift.

Today’s projects features a complete set with earrings, brooch or pendant, and a cuff bracelet worked on 22-count mono canvas using DMC Light Effects thread, a glistening 6-strand metallic floss with reflective qualities, available in 36 brilliant colors and 6 thread families.

I’ve worked the design in aqua, violet and pewter, but you can choose any three dazzling colors to make your set. Get the PDF Instructions here, and get instructions for our previous ideas on the web site.


Be Our Guest

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It’s October! That means we’re starting our Holiday season here at DMC and we’ve got 12 weeks of awesome, FREE projects planned for you!

To start our 12-week celebration of patterns and projects designed using assorted DMC Embroidery Threads, Specialty Threads and CharlesCraft Ready-to-Stitch items, we’re providing this pattern you can stitch on our white Estate Towel. This 16×24″ towel features a band of 16-count aida that we’ve stitched using a combination of cross stitch and straight stitch.

Get the Free PDF pattern here!

The design has been stitched using DMC Cotton Embroidery Floss in just two colors – 703 and 817 – in a nice bright red and fresh green. Use two strands for the cross stitches, and a single strand for the straight stitches.

Or you can reverse the colorway – or stitch in a single color of floss – to make another towel to coordinate with the first.

Happy Stitching!


Seasonal Freebie!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

This week I have a fun, seasonal freebie that you can download, stitch and color… yes, color!

Work the In Vino Veritas Sampler using basic surface embroidery stitches including stem stitch, satin stitch and buttonhole stitch using DMC Embroidery Floss.

Once the design has been stitched and the markings washed out the the fabric, the design is colored with wax-based PrismaColor pencils. By shading the colors in the leaves you can really get a lot of detail in very little time.

In Vino Veritas is an old latin phrase that translates to In Wine is Truth, often credited to Pliny the Elder but first mentioned in a poem by Alcaeus.

The design fits a standard 8×10-inch frame and the pattern is given full-size.

It’s a perfect design to stitch and display during grape harvest season.

Get the PDF pattern here and enjoy!


Looking Ahead – Autumn

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It may be July and many stitchers are in the midst of a summer heatwave, but like many of you, I’m looking ahead to Autumn and Winter projects. It’s my favorite time of year for stitching!

Since some projects take longer than others to complete, it’s nice to get a head-start.

With this week’s free project I’m looking ahead to the warm days and cool nights of Autumn, and have created this simple Oak Leaf Medallion that is suitable to beginner to intermediate stitchers.

Work the design using a variety of needlepoint stitches by following a simple charted stitch guide, which shows how each stitch is worked on the canvas. The guide is super easy to follow!

In this project I’ve used continental stitch for the yellow borders and filling inside the medallion, tent stitch in two colors for the outermost border, long stitch for the leaves, alternating mosiac in two colors for the green border and slanted gobelin for the wider white borders.

The stitches in each quadrant of the design all face the same direction, which means there is almost no distortion after completing the stitching. It’s ready to be finished in any way you choose.

The finished design measures approximately 4×4 inches. The small size makes it perfect for finishing as a small pincushion (shown), to display in a square frame,  or finish as an autumn ornament.

I’ve worked the design in beautiful fall tones of DMC Tapestry Wool on 12-mesh mono canvas, in colors Blanc, 7541, 7542, 7918, 7922 and 7050. Leftover tapestry wool was used to make the matching trim.

If you prefer, you can also stitch the design in basic tent stitches or even cross stitch using the graphed pattern. Get the free pattern here!


Fabulous Fish

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Looking for something different and exciting to stitch as a summer stitching project? We’ve got you covered – in style!

This week I’m posting a free pattern and instructions for making Fun Fish embroidered sunglasses featuring adorable jumping fish, designed by designer Barbara Swanson.

The design is stitched on aviator-style sunglasses (the model uses Foster Grant® #10209654) in cross stitch using DMC Cotton Embroidery Floss and Color Variations Floss, accented with French knots, back stitch and Mill Hill seed beads.

Download the pattern (in a pdf format) for the complete instructions.

The pattern sheet also contains the materials and floss colors required, tips for drilling the stitching holes using a drill or rotary tool, placing the pattern, and a handy trick for starting a knot-free strand of thread.

Stitch a little fun for the sun!


Floss Flowers for Mom

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring is in full swing and everything is in bloom!  I love seeing all of the wonderful patches of color in the flower garden and along the hillsides.

This week, you can bring some of that gorgeous color indoors using this free pattern for pretty floss flowers from the DMC archives. The blossoms would make a great Mother’s Day gift!

The flowers are easy to make using DMC Embroidery Floss and wire, and you can have an entire bouquet made up in a flash! Just cut, fold and twist.

Click on the photo or the link above to access the pdf pattern.



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