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Jodie O’Shea Orphanage Goodbyes

Friday, May 18, 2012

It’s my last day here at Jodie O’Shea, I can’t leave these kids! This experience has been amazing. The children have loved every minute of art class and I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching them.  The boys and girls all really got into cross stitching, needlepoint and embroidery which I was thrilled about. They also  loved all the paints and drawing supplies. I will be posting an album of more arts & crafts class photos from the orphanage as soon as I return on the DMC Facebook Page.

The children at the Jodie O’Shea Orphanage are all so amazing!

Thank you so much to all our incredible sponsors, AC Moore, Plaid, Jerry’s Artist Outlet, My Friendship Bracelet Maker, Beth Gantz Designs and of course DMC! Without your generous donations this program could not have been made possible.

I will be back next year to see the children. Until then the children promised me that they would be sending me pictures of their artwork and stitching. I will be sure to share them with you as they send them! I also have an amazing card to post that the children made to thank all the sponsors. All the sponsors will be receiving one. I will post the cards as soon as I return from my travels!

ketemu lain kali!

See everyone back at the DMC offices very soon!


Painting, Drawing & Cross Stitching

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My life in Bali has been wonderful – I love the structured days that are anything but routine. At 6 am I have breakfast with the children and they are off to school. They return from school at 1 and I help them their English lessons and reading time and then we dive into art class! They love art class and as soon as they get home from school they run up to me asking if were having art today – we have art every day! They get really concerned that one day we will not be having art but each day I assure them we will and it gets met with cheers.

The other day we had some painting and drawing classes with supplies donated by Jerry’s Artist Outlet, ACMoore, & Plaid. We used brushes from ACMoore and Plaid, Apple Barrel Paints from Plaid and these wonderful artist pallets from Jerry’s that contained paints, watercolors, colored pencils, charcoal and pastels. They included everything you needed, little pads of paper, pencil sharpeners, blenders, brushes and more; they were awesome! The kids loved all the supplies. Thank you everyone for the  great donations!





















Today I brought out piles of Charles Craft Plush Animals for the kids to stitch onto. The soft cuddly animals were a huge hit! I had Madison the Monkey, Dylan the Duck and Penny the Pig. The kids chose which animal they wanted and stitched onto the bibs either a design that was included with the animals, their names or a design of their choosing. Their little faces lit up when I brought the animals out, it was so cute! I was afraid they would fight over a particular animal but they all were gracious and happy with what they got and happily worked on their animals for the rest of the class  time.

Yoel, my little monkey, had fun stitching his name onto his monkey.




















I have started to really integrate myself into the children’s lives far beyond art. Connecting with them and talking to them is so rewarding and warms my heart. I love getting to know them and joking around with them, playing with them. They are all so intelligent and been loving the art classes, particularly stitching.  I feel so happy that the children have really grasped the concept of stitching and love it!

More Later!



Embroidery Classes at Jodie O’Shea

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Time has flown here in Bali at the Jodie O’Shea Orphanage. This week I taught the children embroidery. I cut up pieces of Charles Craft Monaco Fabric and had them make patches for their backpacks. I instructed the boys to stitch their favorite futbol team and the girls to stitch their names, a design, anything they wanted. I gave them DMC Water Soluble Markers to draw their design onto and they stitched right over their drawing.  I also showed them how to use DMC Embroidery Transfer  Paper to transfer their drawing onto their fabric. The kids loved it and most of them finished their patches during the one hour class, a nice fun easy project for all ages!

Tonight  I hung out with some of the girls who asked me for a large piece of Aida fabric. I got it for them and low and behold they have begun a cross stitched tablecloth! I had given them a booklet of designs of some old dimensions kits I had brought with me. They went nuts over some of the designs, and especially loved the charming flower and duck designs. They clapped their hands excitedly when I gave them a Mickey Mouse design. Take a look at some of the pictures, the tablecloth is turning out beautiful!

I am so happy to be able to share my love of stitching with the children of Bali. It amazes me how eager they are to learn and participate in my classes. It thrills me that both the boys and girls are equally enthusiastic. I am able to teach these kids a lot, but in the late afternoons and nights when I can sit and talk and play with the kids I feel they are teaching me more than I am teaching them. I love it here.


Cross Stitching for the Bali Project

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

After last weeks fun of learning how to needlepoint the kids are eager for more stitching lessons. Even the boys are into it!


This week I am teaching the children how to cross stitch.  Our first lesson I had them do practice stitching.  They definitely seemed to be able to pick it up. I just had them do practice stitches using DMC Mentor Kits – cute little kits that DMC makes that has everything you need to complete your cross stitch project. Aida fabric, needle, embroidery floss, instructions and a chart. DMC Mentors can register here on the DMC website to become a DMC Mentor and get access to free cross stitch and embroidery designs, free tutorials and resources, and get a DMC welcome kit which includes Mentor cross stitch kits so you can hold a cross stitch class of your own and have all the supplies you need. In the welcome kit you also receive mentor business cards, an official DMC Mentor pin and more. We don’t joke around, were getting the world to stitch tackling each country one at a time. I also broke out the Plaid kits called “My First Stitch” great little kits that include cute designs, a plastic embroidery hoop, thread needle and a chart. All were a hit and the kids loved it.


I taught the kids how to find the center of their fabrics, stitch rows of cross stitches, start their threads and end their threads. Today I showed them how to actually read a cross stitch chart, how to find the center of the design, each square represents a stitch, each symbol represents a color of thread. Most of them caught on really quickly, while some struggled. In the end they all seemed to get the hang of it. It warms my heart when I left the orphanage tonight to steal away to an internet café and I see them in circles stitching away and chatting happily.

Thanks Plaid and DMC for making the cross stitch lessons a great success!


Needlepoint 101

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Today at the Jodie O’Shea Orphanage we had our first needlepoint lesson. We used DMC Pearl Cotton size 5, DMC Tapestry Needles and beautiful hand painted canvases from Beth Gantz Designs. I taught the children the Continental Stitch and the Basketweave stitch. It was an interesting teaching experience, I really had to show them each one by one in order for them to really understand. After giving them some individual attention they picked it up very quickly! Even the boys got into it!


Sri Wani was a fast learner and finished her heart already.

I’m amazed at how excited and eager the children are to learn something new. It took some a while to get the hang of it but they didn’t give up. Now many of them are happily stitching away in their rooms. Thank you again to Beth and DMC for donating the supplies!




Bali Project

Thursday, April 19, 2012

DMC has sent me to Bali to the Jodie O’Shea Orphanage to teach orphans  how to stitch and craft! I will be here for 3 1/2 weeks. I arrived this past weekend and it has been non stop fun and crafting ever since. After my long 21 hour flight the children greeted me with dazzling smiles energizing me til a whopping 9 pm of play time and games until I crashed in the volunteer bunk. I awoke at 6 am the next day revitalized and refreshed and have completely adjusted to the time difference ever since. Too easy. So wonderful.

The children here are so amazingly self sufficient. I am amazed each day as these kids shower and dress themselves each morning, take care of each other, play with each other… My art program has begun and so far has been going great, the kids are really into it! The rest of my wonderful sponsors can be seen on the right hand side of the blog. I thank them very much for their generous donations! The children so far have been thrilled with the supplies I have brought. We had an impromptu friendship bracelet making session last night. Courtesy of our friends at the My Friendship Bracelet Maker using DMC floss. The children were thrilled and have been seen scattered around the orphanage all week making colorful bracelets. I have three more of my own to add to my wrist thanks to Yunis, Adi & Cece :)



We also had a great first needlepoint class. Stay tuned for more posts about my amazing experience in Bali to help make a difference in these children’s lives and help to teach them important arts & crafts skills to grow their imaginations and expand their confidence in themselves. The look on their faces after completing the bracelets was amazing. They couldn’t believe they were so capable. Thank you to DMC for making this possible and to the rest of  my incredible sponsors!

sampai nanti!



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