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Fabulous free patterns from around the web

Friday, May 23, 2014

Sashiko Pattern by Bridgeen on CraftsyThis lovely Sashiko waves pattern is a freebie by Bridgeen on Craftsy. Be sure to visit the post for some lovely and helpful details on starting out with Sashiko.

I’d love to mix up the traditional white threads used in Sashiko with some of our Light Effects, variegated, or Color Variations floss!

Cross Stitch Wallet Tutorial on Funk & Weber DesignsThis Cross Stitch Wallet Tutorial on Funk & Weber Designs is so colorful and cheery – I love the bold orange and pink DMC floss palette she’s chosen! This simple wallet design is perfect as a gift card holder, or maybe even a needlebook.

There’s so many variations I can think of on this simple design – using our 14 ct Aida cloth in different shades – in particular a variation on this design using our Bright Ideas Aida in Grasshopper is really calling out to me!

Code Monkey Cross Stitch on The Bored ZombieThis Code Monkey Cross Stitch on The Bored Zombie is perfect for the beloved code monkey in your life –  a super-clever variation on blackwork, using a binary code pattern throughout.

All you need is some Aida in black, floss, and a bit of polymer clay for the optional banana hanger.

This is such a fun use of our Light Effects floss in neon green – a perfect throwback to the good old days of black and green computing (that maybe some of us can remember)!

Stitchable Calendar Panels on So SeptemberI’m so inspired by these wonderful Stitchable Calendar Panels on So September – available in 4 basic colors, she even includes tips on the perfect DMC floss colors to complement your calendar stitching!

If you’re ever wondering how to make something practical and giftable from your freeform embroidery, this is a wonderful route to take!


Inspired by… mandalas!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine Mandala on PumoraThis week, I find myself inspired by mandalas – a sacred image, representative of the universe, and irresistibly symmetrical, they lend themselves very well to embroidery and fiber arts.

Not forgetting, of course, that it is Valentine’s Day, how about this gorgeous Free Valentine Mandala pattern by Anne Mende on Pumora? Anne worked her hearts in the dense, beautiful Rhodes stitch a needlepoint stitch – what a creative use for it!

Mandala Tutorial on Shiny Happy WorldHere’s a beautiful idea – the Mandala tutorial by Wendi Gratz on Shiny Happy World doesn’t require a pattern at all! Wendi walks you through the steps and stitches you can do, working from the center out, to create this gorgeous piece.

I’d love to tackle this project with a variety of different weights of threads, our Pearl Cotton, and some Light Effects floss as well. Wonderful!


Sampler Mandala pattern on Colored ThreadThis beautiful free Sampler Mandala pattern by textile artist Mariee on Colored Thread gives you an opportunity to learn and show off your embroidery stitches!

I think this would be breathtaking with our variegated or Color Variations floss. I would also vary the weights used – don’t overlook our beautiful Pearl Cotton Variations floss for a thicker, more textured stitch.


Mandala PDF pattern on Suppose Create DelightThis lovely free Mandala PDF pattern on Suppose Create Delight is another meditative way to practice your stitches.

The designers also include all the DMC floss colors and stitches you’ll need to complete your project!


Free Mandala Cross Stitch Pattern on AboutThis Mandala Cross stitch pattern by Connie G. Barwick on About uses traditional blackwork textures.

There are so many options for a pattern like this! I’d start off with Aida cloth and use either a single color of floss or Color Variations floss, or you could try out a vibrant floss palette like our 2013 new floss colors!


Hearts, hearts, everywhere!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Love Lives Here free Blackwork Pattern by Cotton SeasonThe internet is still very full of hearts, so I hope you’ll enjoy another week of Valentine inspiration!

This Love Lives Here Blackwork pattern by Cotton Season is a free download on Craftsy. The pattern provides a lovely variation on typical blackwork by using DMC 3371 – which is actually a gorgeous, rich dark brown.

DMC 3371 is not as flat as plain black, and adds a lot of richness to your finished piece. It’s a favorite of many embroiderers for its drama and beauty.

All You Need Is Love button heart pattern on Elsie’s GirlThis Valentine Button Heart Pattern on Elsie’s Girl is a sweet idea – use a heart-shaped scrap of felt or fabric, and your favorite buttons, and floss for this cute hoop.

I love the variety of colorful buttons Shelley used – an equally lovely way to stitch this would be on a red or dark blue fabric or Aida cloth, with a handful of vintage white or mother-of-pearl buttons.

Scrappy Heart Pillow pattern on Fort Worth Fabric StudioThis beautiful Scrappy Heart Pillow Tutorial on Fort Worth Fabric Studio features such a yummy collection of pink and red fabrics. It makes a great introduction to quilting and basic sewing.

Or, use the scrapwork pattern with Aida cloth and DMC floss and three quarter cross stitches to make mini cross stitch hearts! There’s a nice pictorial guide to three quarter cross stitches on

Felt Heart Brooch on Hungry HippieThis Felt Heart Brooch on Hungry Hippie looks simple and sweet. Embellished felt with loads of french knots – the author uses a lovely range of DMC floss in pinks and reds.

Projects like these are another great chance to try out Color Variations Floss or variegated floss for extra fun!

Sewn Hearts Headband on Munchkin and BeanLast but not least is this sweet Felt Hearts Headband on Munchkin and Bean.

Kristan recycled a store-bought Christmas headband (great way to re-use your holiday gear!) by adding red felt hearts, stitched with a contrasting shade of pink Color Variations Floss.

Skull and Hearts Friendship BraceletMaybe all this talk of hearts has left you a bit cold? Well, I’m happy to say we have a project for everyone, and I think this Skull, Crossbones, and Hearts Friendship Bracelet pattern says it all. Or, maybe it just says you really love pirates…

One of the many wonderful free friendship bracelet patterns on our site – be sure to check them all out!


Blackwork city map

Friday, October 26, 2012

Map Sampler WIPI stumbled on this gorgeous “blackwork” city map project by Julie who blogs at Button, Button earlier this week. She’s embarked on an embroidered “blackwork” map of the town she lives in.

Julie’s done something a bit out of the ordinary with her blackwork and instead of working in traditional black threads, she chose to go with a beautiful palette of DMC blues.


Isn’t this photo of Julie’s blue DMC floss delicious?Blues

Ok, so maybe I don’t want to eat the floss, but you know what I mean! There’s something about pictures of our lovely DMC floss, so deliciously arranged and beautifully captured, that just makes my day!

Julie is using her own gorgeous (blue) blackwork sampler, compiled from visits to the Victoria and Albert museum, as a guide for her fill stitches.

I’m so impressed by the thorough way she researched Elizabethan embroideries and how she’s applying them to such a fresh and modern project like a city map.

Julie designs embroidery patterns with her mother under the name Little Dorrit & Co., where you can see more of her creativity at work. Visit Julie’s post for all the details on her blackwork project.


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