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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The DMC Spain blog interviewed an incredible designer, Adriana Torres from Argentina, a passionate embroidery designer and owner over at bread crumbs, a crochet accessory brand with great international projection. I had to share her beautiful work with you. We asked about her origins, future projects and aspirations. It’s really inspiring!

How long have you been an embroidery artist?  Are you self taught?
In mid 2008 I started the embroidery workshop Guillermina Baiguera in Formosa , Buenos Aires, which I still go once a week to embroider with the group that was formed that year. We became friends and started some projects together under the name of Rita Smyrna. At that time I was merely experimenting with textiles. I had bought a Janome and first started to make dolls. The dolls I embroidered intuitively and really just taught myself. I started the shop to sell my embroidered dolls. I had just started to build what would then become of Bread Crumbs.

I’m self taught in many things, but not with embroidery. When I started the embroidery workshops and classes I thought I would only participate in a month of classes. I had no idea there were so many embroidery stitches to learn. Once I started to embroider I could not stop and then I knew I would be embroidering forever. I discovered a technique that fascinates me that even had an influence on my way to draw.

What compelled you to become a designer?
With traditional drawing techniques, such as acrylic, watercolor, pencil, collage, I sometimes felt blocked or restricted with what I could do. With embroidery I feel very free, I feel that I have no time limits.

Is there a technique that you want to learn?

I would love to learn macramé and weaving. I was also attracted to tatting, but I do not have as much patience to learn it. I got an old book of Singer sewing machines, which explains how to use machine embroidery frames. At some point I also want to try some things with the machine, but it seems pretty hard … It’s amazing the things that ​​some women make! I would use the magic needle as I see many Spanish girls do, but in Buenos Aires I could not get it. In addition to needlecrafts for a long time I want to learn pottery. One of the projects I’m working on involves combining textile ceramics. I’m doing a workshop to carry out this project, because I love working with different materials. Since I was very young I dreamed of having dishes in my house that were made by me, I think it’s time.

What is your next project?
One of the projects I’m working on currently involves an idea I had a couple years ago and some prototypes I made back in mid 2007. I traveled to Bolivia in January 2008 to gather information, materials and inspiration. After a break of three years I’m working on it again scheduled to release this year. I’m also working on a new brand of organic products, a line of objects made ​​from discarded textiles and
other fabrics with organic yarns. The project is called TREE. They are objects with crochet cotton jersey selvages. And the dolls stuffed with the cuts that companies cut thrown in the street. These have not yet been officially launched, I’m working on packaging, labels and developing some products. Although a product (a lion than 60 cm high) and was selected by Design Festival in Buenos Aires (Inspiration Fest), in November 2011, in a sample of industrial design, which showed the work of leading designers the current scene in Buenos Aires. I’m working alongside other projects, such as a children’s story illustrated with embroidery. But that is slow, I’m just sketching, it will not be finished this year.

What’s a typical working day in bread crumbs?
We live in a big house, on the ground floor is my home and on the first floor is my workshop-study. After preparing my daughter Felicitas for nursery school I do half an hour of meditation, then breakfast and sit on the computer to answer emails. By mid-morning I attend to projects or a prototype or sketch harmonized some new product or I will buy thread. Sometimes I go to the bank and take the opportunity to go to the post to make submissions. Which I mail once a week.

At noon I’m with Feli who comes home from school and we are together til my babysitter comes so I can continue working. I keep
answering more emails (yes, many!). Some evenings I do get on the photos or blog and facebook. Other work in some of the new projects or go to the shop drawing or ceramics. On Friday afternoon we gathered in Formosa with the girls to embroider.

Tell us about the project Forest!
Forest is a collection consisting mainly of puffs and cushions inspired by nature and crochet. The  logs are for any
activities to sit, play or rest. With this collection I was selected by the Foreign Ministry Argentina and then by the jury of 100% Design London to join the Argentine flag with 6 other designers representing my country in September 2011.









I’ll give you some juicy news (still in Argentina I cannot tell because I’m waiting to know the official release), I just signed a contract with an Italian company that will produce and market this collection in over forty countries around the world. This collaboration is a milestone in my career that I opened the doors of international industrial design. I have to confess that this is much more than I could ever have dreamed!

Adriana we are impressed by your creativity and work and hope to see you soon Forest collection in Spain. If you want to see more of Adriana’s work I recommend a visit to her website. Keep it up girl!



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  • virginia
    May 29th, 2012 9:39 am

    me encanta!!puedo realizar un curso por la web?

    July 13th, 2012 6:22 am


  • Adriana
    July 13th, 2012 12:28 pm

    Muchas gracias Laura!!!!
    creo que el secreto es estudiar mucho, trabajar duro y amar lo que hacés!
    te mando un abrazo!

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