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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Heart Wrist Pin Cushion on MessylaI hope you’ve been enjoying our Valentine’s posts! Today I thought I’d tour the web, and find even more inspiring Valentine ideas for you!

This Heart Wrist Pin Cushion on Messyla is so lovely, isn’t it? I spy our beautiful DMC Goa Tricot Yarn in Peach in this wonderful crochet tutorial.

How handy is it to have your needles in ready reach on your wrist? Clever and sweet!

Ironic Conversation Hearts on Honey ThistleI absolutely love these Ironic Conversation Hearts on Honey Thistle – since you can stitch your own sentiment on a heart, be it silly, sarcastic, or loving!

Since all these take are bits of pastel-colored felt, you can use up your scraps, along with a few strands of floss. I’d also love to try some pearl cotton on these, to experiment with a chunkier line.

Valentine Key Ring on Dream a Little BiggerThis Valentine Key Ring Tutorial on Dream a Little Bigger makes such sweet, stylish hearts!

I’d add a sweet sentiment, or loved one’s initials for an extra bit of goodness. You could also vary this idea using pastel felt for a conversation heart, or bits of scrap fabric, for a quilted look.

Of course we were so happy to spy our lovely DMC floss in the tutorial!

Free Stamp Pattern on Bored and CraftyLast but not least, this sweet Free Stamp Pattern on Bored and Crafty is a great way to experiment with a simple stamp carving project – and the results are adorable, as you can see!

The mug design would look equally sweet as an embroidery design, with or without some wool felt accents!


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DIY Wrapped Love Hearts

Thursday, February 5, 2015

IMG_8059 letteredThere is a new trend in heart making for Valentine’s Day. With just DMC embroidery floss, wire and glue, you can make trendy industrial wrapped love hearts. Turn them into a piece of wall art to jazz up your space. String them as a banner or decorate your Valentine’s Day table with some.  

These hearts are so fast and easy to make, you won’t stop making them. Perfect for all skill levels.IMG_8078

Your hearts will have a sweet yet industrial feel. They don’t have to be perfectly round or completely covered that’s the beauty of these hearts.


-Several skeins of DMC embroidery floss, light effects, pearl cotton and Natura yarn

-Artistic wire, aluminum 10-14 gauge (or you can use a wire hanger)

-Hot glue

-Tools: hot glue gun, pliers, scissors

heart step 1 and 2


  1. Bend wire into a heart shape, wrapping the ends together. This is the point of the heart shape (See photos).
  2. Unravel several skeins of DMC floss. Wrap one end of the gathered floss and tie a knot around the heart’s point, secure with some hot glue.
  3. Begin wrapping the gathered floss around various areas of the wire heart until you are satisfied with the coverage.

For gold tone heart I used: Natura N.43, Light Effects N.E436, Pearl Cotton N.956

For seer sucker pink heart I used: Floss N.963, N.3866, N.5282, N.304

For mixed color heart I used: Floss N.962, N.3787, Light Effects N.E168, Pearl Cotton N.956


Tips/Additional Idea:

-Use a wire hanger or jewelry wire.

-Thread your string with beads.

-Glue on rhinestones, sequins.

-Create various stitch designs.

I’ll share a few more versions soon. One named Brit Love inspired by the colors and essence of England with a touch of love.

Have a great day!


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Natural Stitched Valentine Banner

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Valentine’s Day is coming! That means playing with romantic reds and creating some fabulous tutorials that are sure to ignite your creativity!  Today, as promised, I have created a fast and easy Valentine banner using DMC floss. This is a perfect project for all experience levels, fast, easy and romantic. valentine banner opener

To get started all you need are a few supplies: DMC floss, needle, small paper bags, clothespins and buttons, that’s it.

Valentine Banner, gather supplies


-4 skeins of DMC Floss no.115

-3 skeins of DMC Floss no. 817

-Package of 4 in x 6 in paper bags, Recollections

-Package of small wood clothespins-red color

-5 Small rhinestone buttons

-Tools: embroidery needle, scissors, red color pencil

Directions to Make Banner:

  1. Spell out the word “Love” onto the paper bags using a red pencil. Draw one letter per bag.valentine banner spell
  2. Punch tiny holes directly onto the drawn letters (this makes stitching fast and easy), about ½ centimeter per hole, using the embroidery needle.
  3. Thread embroidery needle with a strand of DMC no. 817 (don’t separate the main strand).
  4. Begin stitching through the punched holes with a backstitch. Do this stitch for all the letters on the banner. (See photos)
  5. Draw random hearts onto each stitched bag using a red pencil. Punch holes around the hearts using the embroidery needle.  Fill in the drawn heart with a free form natural stitch onto the heart, starting from edge to edge, like a large running stitch (See photos).valentine banner 4
  6. Unravel a skein of DMC floss no.115. Then refold a few times to form the banner roping. Then tie a knot 6 inches from each of the rope ends. Attach the stitched paper bags to the roping using the small wood clothes pins. Set aside.
  7. Thread embroidery needle with a strand of DMC floss, stitch rhinestone button and attach to the banner. 
  8. Now your banner is ready is ready to hand on your favorite wall, door or entryway.valentine banner 5



valentine banner 6valentine banner 7









Directions to Make Tassels:

(You will need 1 full DMC floss skein for each tassel)

valentine banner tassel 1

  1. Slide the labeling off each end of the skein.
  2. Cut an 8 inch piece of floss from the skein.
  3. Next fold the full skein in half.
  4. Pinch the folded part of the skein.
  5. Tie a knot around the pinched part of skein using the 8 inch piece of floss. Leave a ½ inch area.valentine banner tassel 2
  6. Finish wrapping the floss around the tassel form, tie additional knot.
  7. Cut open the other end of the floss. Tassel is complete.
  8. valentine banner tassel 3

The possibilities are endless with this project. You can spell out any love name, add more tassels and glam. 

These tassels take less then 30 seconds to make. So fast and easy. Once you make one, you will be hooked.


Stay tuned for more inspiration this week.

Happy Creating!




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Stitch Love Giveaway!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Stitch Love, by Mollie JohansonToday, we are lucky to bring you a very special post and giveaway – designer Mollie Johanson, who you will no doubt recognize from her wonderful blog Wild Olive has a new book called Stitch Love!

We were so happy to hear that the projects in her book were stitched exclusively with DMC floss, and she put together a wonderful post for us today featuring the lovely bright palette of colors she used!

Meet Mollie Johanson!

Hi Emma and Friends! I’m Mollie, sometimes known as Wild Olive, and always known as a fan of DMC embroidery floss.

Stitch Love Dinosaurs by Mollie Johanson

When I started working on Stitch Love: Sweet Creatures Big & Small, there was no question in my mind that I would use DMC in all of the projects and embroidery. Not only is it easy for me to buy locally, but I could put together just about any color palette that I wanted!

All of those options can be a little overwhelming though, so I set out to choose a limited group of colors to work with, while still having a good range of options. Since this is book of animals, I needed some natural colors, but also a few brights. I looked for colors that would work with a broad range of creatures, and chose a few favorite colors, too.

I wanted them all to work together, as well as in smaller groupings, because in most cases you only use a few colors at a time. Here’s what I ended up with:

Stitch Love Colors palette by Mollie Johanson
Dark Blue: 930, Medium Blue: 518, Light Blue: 598
Dark Green: 520, Medium Green: 470, Light Green: 472
Yellow: 743, Orange: 922, Coral: 352
Pink: 760, Red: 816, Red-Brown: 400
Brown: 838, Light Brown: 3790, Tan: 3864
Golden Tan: 167, Cream: 712, Gray: 646, Black: 310


Here’s an example of some of the palettes you’ll find throughout the book:

Stitch Love Color Palettes by Mollie Johanson


Thank you so much Mollie – for showing our DMC blog readers some stitch love! To help get one lucky winner started on their stitching, Lark Crafts and Mollie are giving away a special prize pack.

The winner will receive a copy of Stitch Love, one yard of the linen Mollie used throughout the book, and all of the DMC embroidery floss colors listed above! To win, simply leave a comment on this post by Friday, Feb. 6, 2015, 5 PM CST. Mollie will select one random winner, which will be announced on the blog. Good luck all, and thanks again to Mollie and Lark Books for this giveaway!

Stitch Love Giveaway By Mollie Johanson and Lark


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I Heart Silhouettes

Friday, January 30, 2015

January is coming to a close, that can only mean one thing, Valentines Day!  I love the romantic hues and patterns that Valentine’s Day brings.  Over the next 2 weeks we will be embracing the essence of love and romance with creative projects and tutorials that are sure to ignite some romantic fireworks.feeling stitchy photo

Today I’d like share some gorgeous heart silhouette projects that I found to get you in the mood. I just love this fabulous Valentines Day Coffee Cup Cozy by Feeling Stitchy. Who wouldn’t want to add more spice to their coffee or tea cup after seeing this fun project. Love it!feeling stitchy photo 2

What about this Valentine Treat Bag also by Feeling Stitchy? A similar pattern with multiple possibilities.  Make both, place the cozy into the bag with some candy for a great on a limb photo

Over at Cat on a Limb, Catherine created this gorgeous piece, Tree Love.  Over on her blog you can follow Catherine with her step by step instructions to make your own Tree Love Embroidery Piece. One word: Fabulous!canvas heart art

Canvas Heart Art over at Eighteen 25 is just so fun.  I love how this project combines stretched art canvas and DMC threads.  I could see a whole wall of these for Valentine’s Day or smaller ones as gifts. Visit Eighteen 25 to make your own.

Next week we will have some great Valentine’s Day tutorials on the blog, so excited!



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Natura Granny Squares Tutorial

Monday, January 26, 2015

We just can’t get enough of Natura Yarns over here at DMC.  The colors and texture are just so yummy to work with. Natura is the perfect yarn for knitting, crocheting, tatting, weaving and chunky cross stitch. 

With the growing trend to revisit vintage style, granny square patterns and projects have become popular again.  Granny squares are crocheted pieces that have many applications, the most common are blankets but the possibilities are endless: lamps, bags, pot holders, cushions, shawls, sweaters to name a few. The most typical granny square pattern is a square but there are hexagons, circles and other shapes as well. 

You might have seen a blanket of colored squares on your grandmother’s couch or in your mother’s guest room, those connecting shapes are the classic granny squares and were made all over the world.  Things to Knit presents the following step by step tutorial to make your own granny square.  You begin from the center and work to the outward spiral.  Things to Knit has used Natura Just Cotton in 4 colors but can make your own combination.  It’s the perfect project for all levels.

( The original content is in spanish from the fabulous Things to Knit Blog and was shared on the DMC Spain Blog. The material list/directions are translated into English below.)


-DMC Natura Yarn; no.7. no.9, no.12, no. 32

-Crochet Needle (2.55 mm)


Tutorial ( directions in English below, see photos for step by step examples. )chart 1

  1. With preferred color for the center, start with a riding 8 chain stitch.
  2. Join the beginning of a crochet chain stitch at the end of it to go around.
  3. Then work 3 chain stitches up. 
  4. Work 15 double knit high points, so that the excess thread from the beginning is hidden while you weave.chart 2
  5. Cut the excess thread, once you’ve hidden it.
  6. When you finish the 15 point higher doubles, then join with at the beginning.
  7. With another color, begin the next round, as in the previous one, hide the excess thread while you weave.
  8. This turn is woven:  two high points together, 1 chain stitch.
  9. With the next color, begin the next round.
  10. Weave in: 3 high points, 1 chain stitch.chart 3
  11. Start with the next round, repeat 3 times; Three high points, one chain stitch, until you reach the corner.
  12. In the corner: add a double knit 3 points higher, 2 chain stitches, 3 high double points and return to work in more 3 high points, one chain stitch.
  13. Finally, just turn around, finish off and cut the thread, then you will have a completed granny square.

granny squares 13More tutorials later this week. Happy Monday!


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