Royal Baby Charlotte in Cross Stitch

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Everything looks cooler in cross stitch. Not that Royal Baby Charlotte in her designer clad wardrobe needs any more of a style push , but we thought that we should share this fun royal inspired cross stitch chart to celebrate the birth of the new Princess.

We are loving this sampler by our friend Nancy Greenberg, owner of Pickle Barrel Designs.

Royal Baby Sampler Charlotte

Because we were so excited to welcome her Royal Highness into the world, we are running a Baby Sale on our shop! Save 35% off all stitchable baby items, sale ends tomorrow at midnight!



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Introducing Commonthread by DMC

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


For over two centuries, generations of artisans have trusted The DMC Corporation’s high-quality fabrics, textiles, and other crafting supplies. Now we’re launching Commonthread, our tribute to the community of makers, artists, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone who shares the creative spirit. We’re featuring finished goods for the first time in our history as a way to unite everyone who is passionate about making and appreciating handcrafted works of art.

We have many exciting surprises in store, and want to make sure you’re kept in the loop. So be sure to visit our newly-launched Commonthread landing page——to be put on our mailing list. You’ll gain insider access to all the latest news about DMC and Commonthread.

DMC’s Commonthread: celebrating creativity and those who bring beauty into the world with their own two hands.


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DMC Mother’s Day Gift Guide For Crafty Moms

Thursday, April 9, 2015

What do you buy the woman who can make anything? Our Mother’s Day gift guide caters to all the talented crafty moms out there with a fun assortment of projects, patterns, and supplies. Whether the mom in your life is a knitter, mad about cross stitch, or incorporates yarns and threads into all sorts of amazing DIY concoctions, these gifts are for her.

Top This

z36Ge00KqmMvostUuB4b3gBDcsPTeRhcrAkkIP7ftuIGet your mom a-head of the crafting curve with DMC’s newest sensation, Top This. Available in 12 insanely-cute styles—including Owl, Bunny, Bear, and Cat— Top This provides everything needed to knit an adorable children’s hat—with a plushie animal head on top! Comes with yarn, hat-topper, and pattern.




Storage Solutions Wooden Cabinet

DMC Threads_OliverScottPhoto-523Yarn, thread and needles everywhere! Don’t watch helplessly as the crafty mom in your life stashes her stash in a shoebox or plastic shopping bag…get a Storage Solution, the DMC way. Our wooden storage cabinet features three molded plastic storage drawers—and a bunch of compartments to organize a variety of crafting items. Dimensions are 12 ¾”W x 10”H x 14 ½” D, and the classic DMC logo is emblazoned on the side.


“Amigurumis” Fruits and Vegetables Kit

DMC cocina 0291-600x400Mother always told us to eat our veggies…and now she can knit them! Introduce your mother to the amigurumi crochet-craze with this simple all-in-one kit, which includes all the supplies she needs to make a super-cute set of fruits and vegetables plus a step-by-step booklet. Best of all, this kit includes 12 super soft and durable skeins of DMC Natura “Just Cotton” crochet threads.


 Victorian-Style Needlework Accessories

casesGive your mom a sample of the glamour of yesteryear with these vintage-styled DMC accessories: scissor case, needle case, and thread/yarn cutter. Each metal accessory features a brushed-pewter finish, the classic DMC logo, and can be attached to a chatelaine for handy use.


DMC Floss Color Card With Thread Strands

color cardOur prismatic best-selling favorite that every stitcher and crafter will love! Our floss color card includes actual thread samples of ALL DMC six-strand embroidery floss colors: 454 solid and 18 variegated. Plus: notations for Pearl Cotton in Sizes 3, 5, 8 and 12.






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Free Knitting Pattern: Breezy Basketweave Top

Monday, April 6, 2015

breezy_final_productKnitting often makes one think of woolen caps and bulky sweaters…but the truth is, you can enjoy your favorite hobby year-round! The secret is a lightweight and breezy-soft cotton knitting yarn like Natura.

Natura_foto ovilloambiente rosa

To give you a head-start on your Spring and Summer projects, here’s free instructions on how to knit an airy and chic basketweave top that’s perfect over a cami or swimsuit.

Click on the image below for full-size instructions:

USNa1 Natura Breezy Basketweave Top

Happy knitting!


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These Thread-Wrapped Easter Eggs Are An Egg-cellent Holiday Craft!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Commonthread 3-5-15 (15 of 26)

One of the best things about holidays—besides all the fab food and catching up with your nearest and dearest—is that they provide an opportunity to create more crafts! And what makes these thread-wrapped DIY eggs extra-special is that they’re so easy to do, you can share them with the little ones in your life as a family project. Just gather together some balloons, DMC embroidery floss, and other easy-to-find crafting supplies…you’ll have chic and fun holiday decorations that you might want to keep year-round!

CV Supplies

What You’ll Need:

  • 6 skeins of DMC embroidery floss (use colors of your choice/décor)
  • 6 small party balloons (do not use water balloons—they do not hold their shape during the drying process)
  • Fabric Stiffener (such as Mod Podge Stiffy)
  • Bowl—slightly larger than the size of the inflated balloon
  • 6 chopsticks or pencils
  • 6 plastic cups (larger than the size of the inflated balloon)
  • Embroidery scissors
  • Ribbons, ornament hangers, or a bowl

How You Make It:

1. Blow up and knot 6 balloons to the size and shape desired. Be sure that they are smaller than the size of the 6 plastic cups.

2. Select your first color of floss. Create a slip knot loop and place around the balloon knot.

3. Begin wrapping tightly around the balloon—change angles of your wrapping to get better coverage. (Hint: Do not remove the wrapper from the skein of floss—pull from the skein as you wrap. This will eliminate tangles.)

CV Step A

4. When you reach the end of the skein, use a dab of the fabric stiffener to secure the end to the balloon. (Hint: Use 2 skeins of floss for a more solid coverage.)

5. Add 1” of the fabric stiffener to your bowl, and then gently roll the wrapped balloon in it until thoroughly coated.

CV Step B

6. Hold wrapped balloon above the bowl for 15 seconds to allow excess stiffener to drip back into the bowl.

7. Poke a chopstick or pencil through the loose end of the balloon knot, being careful not to puncture the balloon and hang the balloon in the plastic cup to dry.

CV Step C

8. Repeat steps 2-7 for all balloons.

9. Allow to dry undisturbed for 24-48 hours or until thoroughly dry. (Hint: Repeat Steps 5-7 for a more sturdy egg.)

10. When completely dry, slip the chopstick out of the balloon.

11. Pull the knot of the balloon up from the threads and cut off. You will hear a crackling noise as the balloon separates from the threads. Use the end of the chopstick to assist with the separation.

12. Pull the deflated balloon out through the openings of the thread egg (use tweezers if necessary).

13. Add ribbons or ornament hangers to display…or simply place them in a bowl for an instant decorative accent for your home!

Commonthread 3-5-15 (13 of 26)


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The Art Of Jewelry Organizing

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Now what we’re about to say may shock you, but that doesn’t make it any less true: you don’t have to spend minutes (hours?) a day untangling your earrings. In fact, you could even transform that disheveled pile sitting on your shelf—or stuffed in a Mason jar, or dare we say in an old shoebox—into a work of art in less than 30 minutes.

We’ll give you a second to remove your jaw from the floor.

Keep reading to find out how to create this game-changing item in six simple steps. Once completed, the only thing you’ll have left to worry about is which pair to wear!

What You’ll Need:
Embroidery hoop
Needle + Thread
Sewing pins



Step One: Grab your hoop. The bigger the hoop, the more earrings it can hold!

Step Two: Choose your favorite fabric and cut a circle a little larger than the hoop. Make sure to choose a fabric thin enough to be stretched, but sturdy enough to support those “special” dangly earrings reserved for big nights out. (You know which ones we’re talking about!)

Step Three: Pull that fabric nice and taut, and secure the hoop.

Step Four (optional): Customize your canvas! Sew on any patches or embellishments you wish.

Step Five: Stitch the fabric on the back of the hoop together to make it hold longer (if you think you may feel inspired to change the fabric—which you can as many times as you wish!—then leave as is).

Step Six: Hang that sucker proudly! You earned it.

Now that your jewelry has been suitably organized and framed, are you ready to do more crafting? Remember: you can find the finest embroidery floss and other supplies for all your craft and DIY needs at the DMC Threads online shop!


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